Quietest BUDGET high-current power cord?

Any recommendations for a high-current power cord offering the blackest, quietest background? Without sacrificing anything for it! Preferably $500 or under...
First you wanted "Best budget, high current, DIY power cord wire"...and now you want "Quietest BUDGET high-current power cord"


what power cords have you tried so far ? The ones that you did try, what did you like/dislike about them ?
Do power cords really make noise?

Do you post this question just so we could talk about what a bunch of snake oil power cords are again??
Well, Riley804, I'm gathering a lot of information that I intend to sift and collate. All of it is important. High current delivery doesn't necessarily mean quiet. But budget is an overarching concern, as it is with many, if not most people, especially now. If you don't like the topic or the modus operandi, don't participate.
Macdadtexas, As I said to Riley804, if you don't like the topic, don't participate. From experience, when it comes to power cords, I am no athiest. Ditto interconnects and other wires.
ZU Cable Mother PCs. I am using them on my amps with excellent results. Can be had well within your price, depending on length needed, and is of the quality that might be of interest to you.

If you go back and look at my reply, I asked you a question on other power cords that you have used and what did you like/dislike about those ?

But you didnt see that did you...and instead would rather throw this comment out there :

If you don't like the topic or the modus operandi, don't participate.
I apologize, Riley804, you're right, I was hasty in reading your response and didn't catch the part below the link. To answer your question, I've only tried power cords on the front end -- Acoustic Zen, Shunyata, Audience, Black Sands, Audio Mirror, Monarchy, to name a few -- but it's pcs for my ss monoblocks that I'm interested in now. Audience Power Chords are my preference on the front end, for their detail and balance. Now I can only spend up to $500 -- for BOTH monoblock pcs. Currently I'm using Diamondback Platinums in that position, but feel I could do better. Better current delivery and quieter. You know how something just "clicks into place" and seems effortless? That was the Audience for the front; I want to find that for the back end. I want what everyone wants: detail, extension, accuracy, balance, air, and so forth... but, above all, that sense of effortlessness. Yes, probably too much to ask for so little money! And yes, it'll ultimately come down to auditioning. At least I hope to narrow the field. (Budget does that quite effectively already.) Anyway, this is all probably less specific than you want, but it's all I can offer right now. In the end, I'll make some choices, test them, and decide. Hopefully, I will have learned a lot in the process.
I have not tried it, but a budget priced pc that was designed for amps and the delivery of high current is getting a lot of positive buzz---pangea 9. If I were in the market for pcs, I would check it out. Think it is available at audio advisor.
I would have to concur with Rlxl's response regarding the Pangea 9 from Audio Advisor. Looks and sounds like a much more expensive cord. When I opened the box, I did a double take. 30 day money back return. See comments on Audiogon previously. Much better than a Harmonic Technology AC-11 I had previously.
To amplify on my previous post, with power cords I want absolute silence, effortlessness and neutrality. If I want to tune my system to a "flavor," I'll do it with tubes or internconnects. Ultimately the flavor I prefer is "warm side of neutral." Voluptuous midbass.
Jig and Rixl, thanks for the Pangea tip. A member mentioned it in a related thread. Unfortunately the "9" is an anaconda and I don't have the clearance to accommodate it!
spend your money on something that will really effect the sound, like better components.
Now that you have established a budget of $500, I once again highly recommend a DIY Acrolink 6N-4030 cable with Furutech connectors.
Brf, the Acrolink wire is $145/meter. 3 meters = $435 = little-to-no money left over for four plugs...
I would look at Blue Circle BC62's. They kick ass on monoblock amps here. Bettered Tg SLVR's, Audience PowerChord, Shunyata Taipans, JPS AC+, Cardas Golden Ref... Only on the amps though. The BC62's do not get a lot of publ. but do no harm, as I hear it. Like some here, I prefer a few different cords on preamps, digital, and phono...

But on the amps, they get the Timbre, PRaT, stage... just right. full bass too (and upper/midbass).
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Tvad, Absolute silence... in an ideal world, that is. "Black" is an adjective often used to describe the space from which sound emanates. I've heard the difference in the various pcs I've tried on my front end. I expect the same will apply to the back end. Like everyone, I'm hoping to minimize the trade-offs, and quiet (ease, naturalness, effortlessness...) is a quality I cherish. I've worked painstakingly, step by step, starting from the front end, to reduce noise in my entire system and I'm pretty happy with the result. For instance, I recently commissioned an outboard linear power supply for my dac and added vibration control to all my hardware. In addition, I employ some modest power conditioning and replaced my wall outlet with a high grade OCC unit. (I rent so I can't go behind the wall.) It seems prudent to exercise the same care in dealing with pcs.
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Tvad, My whole system is fed through a PS Audio Quintet, a component I much admire. The improvement it has made is profoundly audible.