Quiet Riot Documentary

I wouldn't call myself a Quiet Riot fan, but I saw a documentary on Showtime or HBO about how drummer Frankie Banali worked to reconstruct the band after the death of singer Kevin Dubrow. Even if you hate the music, the documentary really showed the anguish Banali went through after Dubrow's death - how he felt that everything was taken from him by Dubrow's self-destructive behavior and how difficult it was to find a replacement. Despite the metal image, the musicians are truly dedicated to a standard of excellence. I think it's worth watching.
I enjoyed that as well. What I found interesting was that Kevin Dubrow's brother is that doctor on that "Botched" tv show. The documentary did give insight into the feast or famine lifestyle of one hit wonders.
So available to download?
I like the 1st (3) albums. QR was over as the 80's ended.
They never made the transition into the 90's and beyond like so many great acts of that period in time.
Dubrow became a junkie and dug his own grave- leaving others
to fend for themselves. That is a shame.