Quiet Amp Cooling Fan

Can anyone point me in the direction of a VERY quiet fan that I could use to increase airflow over my amp? I know about the Parasound Zbreeze, which is now discontinued and also too noisy. A really quiet version of something like that which sat atop the amp would be fine or even a small circular fan which could be mounted to the vertical pole of my rack might do the trick. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I tried fans from a few different mfrs and found from these folks best cooling and most quiet.
Laptop coolers are the best, low cost, quiet.
wife waving a peacock feather fan next to amp.
I am waiting for the first non air cooled systems. I imagine a remote compressor and a coolant radiator. Condensate and a bevy of other engineering issues will need addressing.
Noctua makes nearly dead quiet fans from 40mm - 120mm.

Anyway you can vent the amp by raising it a little to offer more convection? I didn't see a mention of a cabinet, but I have two McIntosh amps in cabinet and have cut some larger 3" holes underneath and above, so as not to interfere with the footing of components and have no heating issues. I had one of the amps go into protection due to heat a few years ago and since I created more air movement, I have never had an issue. I found that the natural convection draws in cooler air as the hot air escapes the cooler air displaces it and everything runs cool. And no noise!
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What makes you think you need one? I looked at your system and it appears you have enough space between the components for them to cool normally. If you still need something Corsair makes very quiet cooling fans.
Place a thermometer in the area of your amp. I doubt it gets hot enough to need a fan. Especially if you have an open type rack.
Vornado Zippi. Cloth blades, small and dead silent. Amazon.com
has them for under $20 with free shipping.
I hate to say it but if you are in a smaller room that is really quiet, any fan is going to be heard. There is no way to kill it. I have tried.
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