can someone help me out here? i am running a music hall 2.1 with a grado gold cart hooked up to the belari 129 preamp through a jolida 302b and finally out some old school paradigm minis. when i play reocrds i hear a good deal of volume, but when i run my CDs through the preamp only i get much more volume. why is this? is there any way to get more volume out of my bellari? is it simply a function of the belari that it is not as loud as my CD/DVD player? is there something i am doing wrong? its not that the music is quiet, it is just that it is not as loud from my records as it is from my CD/DVD. thanks!
What inputs on the preamp are you connecting the phono and CD player to? Is the phono cartridge a moving coil type by chance? If so, it will have much less output voltage than a moving magnet type due to the impedance differences. If this is not the case, then the CD player may just be a high output device and that could be the reason.
This is normal. CD players can have pretty high output. It is not unusual for it to sound louder, at the same volume setting, as your phono. If you like the sound of your analog it is not an issue. You can buy a phono stage with a higher output, a CD player with a lower output or a preamp that allows you to match the levels of each input. None of this is necessary.
thanks folks!