Quicksilver V4's- KT88's or EL34's ?

Which tubes do you use with your Quicksilver V4 Monoblocks, KT88's or EL34's? If you prefer one over the other, please explain why. I am using Telsa KT88's now and love the sound. I'm considering trying the Telsa EL 34's just to try them and see how they sound and maybe do something a little different for awhile. Thank you very much. PS My speakers are VSA VR4jr's.
I use Genalex Gold Lion reissues they are detailed, rich, and dynamic. I think of them as being "Amperex Holland" 6922 PQ'ish. I always thought I might try something else but like them so much I never got around to switching them out.
Hi Sambar. Are you using the Genelex Gold Lion EL34 reissues or KT 88's? Could you give me an idea of their price range and where I could look into buying them? Thanks
Sorry, they're KT-88's from( tubedepot.com/6550kt.html) for $99.95 (pair). I ordered matching quads because I could. I haven't had any issues with the Genalex's reissues so I bought a backup set also.
I collect vintage tubes so I have tried a load of them. I like the Mullard Blackburn's - they are smooth and work well versus other El34's I have tried. I like the top-end and reasonable low-end. They are nice although costly these days.

That is a shame - but they are not making vintage tubes anymore. The new El34's can sound as good as the vintage tubes but the overall quality of the build is not as high.
I'm running the Tesla EL34s and they sound great. You'll notice a change in detail and bass coming from the KT88s, in my opinion.
Thanks again. My wonderful wife is buying me the Tesla EL34's for Christmas! I am looking forward to trying them out. Like I said earlier, I love the V4's with the KT88's. I am just very curious in trying out EL34's in them.
Elb, did you get around to trying those El-34's in your Quickie V4's. Anyone else feel free to chime in here, as it has been a while.
What is your impression of the El's?