Quicksilver V4 or Silver 88 advice needed.....

I've compared an older first generation Quicksilver V4 (green LED power switch) and a Quicksilver Silver 70 (blue Led) and am looking to get the best of both worlds....

1. Love the drive and bottom end on the older V4...the drive is simply amazing with my Vandersteen 2ce Sig II speakers.

2. Love the midrange on the Silver 70. It's liquid 3-D.

What combines these two?

....the newer Quicksilver V4 (blue led with newer transformer) or the Silver 88?

Any advice appreciated from the experts out there! Thank you in advance.

Hey Theron
How bout starting with the Silver 88s and later add in the Vandersteen High pass with a Vandersteen 2WQ
you will have the best of both worlds.
Cheers Johnnyr
thank you John but I want to stay 2.0 for now!
If you can get by on the 80 watts of the Silver 88, it will control cone woofers better. It has the lowest output impedance and the highest damping factor of any Quicksilver amp (or compared to the vast majority of tube amps period). It can drive difficult loads. If you need more than 80 watts, go for the V4s--you can't go wrong with either.
I agree with John. Adding a Vandersteen 2W does amazing things to the sound and I don't mean just in the bass. It opens up the 2Ce like you wouldn't believe and makes your amp sound like it has twice as much power.

If you ask Sanders he will tell you its hard to argue with 4 output tubes, although experience tells me "less is more" and there is something special about amplifiers with fewer output devices.
I agree with John. When you say "2.0 for now" does that mean you might at the subs later? Or is that just out of the question? It is hard to argue with 4 output tubes when they provide enough power for a particular speaker - 80 watts seems like alot of power to me, if the amp has enough current to drive impedance dips into the 4 ohm range, an issue with most tube amps. Not sure anyone on the planet knows more about Quicksilver/Vandersteen than John (Audio Connection).
I meant to say 2.0 for the long run. :)

Not having heard the Silver 88, but just read the description on his site, it would seem that if the 88s do have the lowest about impedance (higest damping)that the 88s should give you controlled bass (for a tube amp)with a lot of purity that comes from the simpler output stage. There is something to fewer tubes making for better sound IF you can get enough power, and I think 80 watts of tube power is plenty of power for your application, I doubt you could hear any meaningful difference between 80 and 120 watts.
Yes the 88 is probably powerful enough since I dont play at incredible loud levels. I live in a loft style apartment (neighbors above and below). The space is fairly large 25' high ceilings. The Vandies breath well in the room with proper placement.

I own the Silver 70's and use them with EL34's. Just a word of caution, you can only use kt88 tubes with the 88 but you can use different type tubes with the V4 and the 70.
I have Gold Lion KT88 reissues and really like them in the 2 QS amps mentioned.

BTW I think you can also use the KT90 in the Silver 88 if I am not mistaken...
Yes you can us the KT90. The GL KT88 reissuses are excellent tubes IMHO.
Mike Sanders is great at sorting tubes and his prices are reasonable. I would go with whatever he recommends. I have had fantastic performance with his selected KT88s regardless of brand.
I agree with you about MS and his tube matching. But one fella that is peerless at tube matching is Roger Modjeski of RAM Labs, who happens to now offer the Genalex KT88 Reissues and there is no question they are superior tubes to the Chineese/Russian tubes Mike carries. In both cases you will get very well tested and matched tubes, but I think the Genalex is simply a superior tube to any other current production KT88.
You are right, Modjeski is the only other person I would buy tubes from. In fact I will be ordering tubes from him very soon, but if it is for a Quicksilver amp I buy from Mike.

I was recently inquiring about Genelex reissues and both Mike Sanders and Roger Modjeski talked me out of buying them. Since they both know tubes better than I could ever dream to know I took their advice.
Was that for KT88s? If so, what did Roger recommend? His "NOS" Russians?
IMO I think the GL KT88s sound really good in the Silver 70s and V4. I have compared to EH and Chinese labeled KT88 tubes and I chose the GL KT88s. Just my two cents.

Well, it is worth trying at least, and if Roger tests them you can have faith they have been very well matched. I used them and thought they sounded really good (not in a QS amp though) and the EL84s are excellent in the Music Reference RM10 and recommended by both Roger and Jim McShane (bought a quad from both). But I guess we are getting a bit off track. I had not heard of the Silver 88s and they seem like a very interesting pair of amps, I definitely like the idea of two tubes per channel...