Quicksilver V4 or Rogue M-150, Hurricane,CJ 60SE

Talking about mid price tube amplifiers, which ones of these four models Quicksilver V4(120w), Hurricane 200(200w);Rogue M-150(150w) and CJ MV60SE(60w) have the best sound for you, and the best relation price/sound quality.
Also, happy to know if you have a good alternative to this quartet.
I have tried various quicksilvers. Never liked them. Too tubey sounding and lacking in transparency and resolution. I am also not a fan of CJ. CJ in my opinion does not have the transparency and purity of other designs. Sounds somewhat grainy and velied compared to other designs. Years ago, some friends owned CJ amps and pre-amps (including myself). Each time, the CJ was replaced by ARC, VTL, VAC, Amtosphere, etc. They way outperformed the CJ equipment. I never heard the Hurricanes but heard about reliability issues. I never heard the Rogue amp (did not like the rogue Magnum 66 preamp - purchased it for my dad and sold it immediately - replaced it with a vintage ARC which was much better in his system). I like VTL and love the Manley stuff. Sounds very musical with excellent transparency, soundstaging, tonality, etc. The Manley Snappers are a great value. They are amongst the best in that price range.
I have had three Rogue amps and have listend to many others. Presently own the M-150. By far the best value in that price range. Very detailed and have nice weight in the bottom end. By far better than any CJ I have heard .
BIG difference in power outputs!!!

I've had a few c-j pre- and poweramps and my experience is exactly opposite Bkonig's. Each sound fine. Had QS V4s; altho initially I was quite happy with them driving very inefficient Eminent Tech. 8s, I returned to my ASL 805s. Maybe it was the V4s' 'pentodeness' or ultraNONlinearness, whatever that is.

I now have new ASL Hurricanes that I run in triode for c. 120 Watts. They sound VERY good driving the 8s. I think the 'Canes' reliability problems are long behind them; mine are assembled quite well and look as if they'll last a long time. They have some protection circuitry including a rail-voltage fuse.

Never had or heard a Rogue.

If you need more than 100 Watts, I recommend the 'Canes. If 60 watts (or c. 30 in triode) will do, the MV60 should sound great.
Bkonig- Curious to know why you like what you like and dislike the ones mentioned? What's your criteria/motivation? Are you a dealer?
Uff it seems that all these brands are not very good, then this implies to expend more money in others models and brands as Audio research, CAT, VAC, VTL, Air tight....???
I'd also cross the CJ MV60SE off your list. Not only does it have a lot less power than the others, being a two tube per channel amplifier, I just don't think it sounds good.

The CJ Premier 140 would be the product that would stack up against the other three on your list. But, again, I'd take any of these over that product as well.

Regarding the other three, it's more or less a question of which flavor you like best. They're all pretty good.
if youd like to email me directly I could give you my exper. dont want any hard feelings :) get the rogue
Clamps2000 - I am an audiophile and music lover first and foremost. I've been an audiophile for over 25 years and recently got into the business due to my passion for the hobby. My criteria is that I am a very critical listener and am used to high resolution systems. CJ and Quicksilver are not bad. They sound nice on their own. However, when you get to the point when you desire more (more clarity, purity, dimensionality, focus, resolution, etc) and investigate and discover other superior designs, you see that some of audio is hype and opinions of some people that just don't get it.
Although I am a dealer, I only represent brands that I truely believe in. BTW - I recommended VTL and I am not a dealer for that brand.