Quicksilver V4 mono amps

Anyone have opinions on the V4 monos? thanx
Hi Ronno,I owned a pair for appx two years.I thought they were nice sounding monoblocks.If you are buying them,make sure you listen to different preamps.Although the Quicksilver preamp is decent,there are much better choices to bring out the musicality of the V4's.Audio note,Audio Valve,Atma Sphere would be a solid choices. The V4s have a very low bluebook value.I hope this helps you out,Don.
I've had a pair for 6 months. Started out with the 40watt Quicksilver GLA model 7 years prior. I was pleased with the GLA which kept me in tubes. I made a brief pitstop with the Rogue Magnum 120 & 99 Magnum preamp for 1 year. The Rogue's sounded great most of the time. They had a tendency to make things sound really good or really bad (to revealing, etc, who knows). The V4's sound similar without quite the depth the Rogue had. However, everything is at least listenable with the V4's, unlike the Rogue. The 99 preamp was not a good match with the V4's and I ended up with a VAC standard LE preamp. They work very well together.
I expect the same reliablility from the V4's that I got with the GLA.
I am also very partial to workmanship. Take a peek inside any Quicksilver component and you will be impressed with the highest quality workmanship (unlike a Cary, which is wired like spaghetti).