Quicksilver V4 amps with KT150


I recently pick up a 5 year old pair of Quicksilver V4 amps.

I contacted Quicksilver and Mike confirmed that it can use KT150 tubes even though it does not have the latest transformer. He felt the KT150 would be a “significant improvement” over the KT88’s.

While I respect Mike’s opinion I am looking for feedback from anyone using the KT150 in their V4’s before I spend $800.00 or so on new tubes.

I thought the JJ KT 88's sounded great in my V4's, both the RCA and balanced versions I owned. I bet EL34's would sound great in them too. My guess is each tube type may compliment a certain genre of music, so perhaps what you listen to most may better help make your decision. Great amps, enjoy the quickies.
I am currently using Gold Lion KT-77 tubes in my Quicksilver V-4 amps. Plenty of power for my Proac speakers. Fast and sweet sounding. I have not tried the KT-150 tubes.

Congrats on buying a great sounding pair of amps.

Just curious - what was the recommended bias setting for the KT-150 tubes?
That's a lot of money to take a chance on. I would call Cable Co and see if they have some KT150 that they can lend you. For some reason, I thought the V-4's took 6550's. Personally, I like them better than the KT-88. If they'll work in your amp, I would definitely consider them as well.
I recently heard the latest V4s with Kt150 tubes in an unfamiliar system set-up by a local dealer and it was just amazing to everyone present. I think that is a first for our audio group.:) While I've always admired Quicksilver and felt they were excellent at the price point and beyond, what I heard was WELL beyond my previous experience with the Quicksilver lineup and what I was expecting to hear. This aside from listening to an unfamiliar system. Power, tonality, harmonic resolution, simply put a very natural and believable presentation on all types of primarily acoustic music including small ensemble jazz, choral, piano, solo voice and orchestral.

You made a great purchase and if you REALLY want to hear what that amp is capable of I would say go for it, I don't think you'll be disappointed providing there aren't significant changes to the transformer from your V4's to the latest, only Mike Sanders can fill you in on that. I am planning on auditioning the latest Silver 88s with the 150s to see if some of that magic carries over in my system.
Thanks for the feedback.

The amps sounds so good they way they are but with all the hype around the kt150 and the recommendation from Mike it has me thinking...

Mike said they should be biased at 45ma
Jb, please keep us updated if you go with the KT150s. I would be most interested in hearing your impressions.

I will post my impressions in a few weeks. I just ordered a set.

Just curious what system did you hear the V4's in?
The system consisted of Aesthetix Romulus CD front end, Quicksilver full function pre, Gershman Grande Avande Garde speakers and Omega Micro cabling throughout.