Quicksilver V4 amps

I am currently considering moving back into seperates away from an integrated. I would love to hear any feedback on Quicksilver V4 mono amps. I am told they don't do much advertising, but manufacture an excellent product. They would be mating with the new Meadowlark Nighthawks (4 Ohm, 91db - however with twin 7" woofers). If anyone has any experience with these amps please post your impressions.

Thank you.
No Brainer - they're just beautiful to listen to. Not sure how they match up with the nighthawks but with Vandy 5's - awesome
The V4's will drive the Meadowlarks without any problem. I have never listened to the V4's on the Nighthawks, but did listen to the V4's extensively on the Meadowlark line before the went to their current line. ( Re: Kestrel, Shearwater, Heron ) I am told the new-upgraded Meadowlark line sounds a little different from the previous. The latter of the two lines were very tube friendly. Meadowlark speakers ( the old anyway ) drew me into the music like few speakers could.

The V4's are excellent amps, and definitely underrated. Mike Sanders ( WWW.QUICKSILVERAUDIO.COM owner ) is quite friendly, knowledgeable, and has a straight forward attitude about what a amp should do. Of course his amps are all hand made, point to point wiring. No circuit boards to go bad. I ran just about every type ( 6550, KT88, EL34, 6L6, 5881, 12BH7, 12FQ7, ) I could get my hands on. These are very vestal amps!

You didn't mention your preamp, but I'm assuming it will be at comparable price point? Also you will find the V4's will seem to effortlessly supply power to the Meadowlark's. I hope you have a big room :)

If you told me you would buy me any pair of mono block amps @ the $4000 price point. I wouldn't hesitate to find the nearest Quicksilver dealer. Also if there is no Quicksilver dealer in your area, you can buy direct from Quicksilver. If you don't like the amps Mike will take them back, less shipping of course. At least that was what I was told a couple of years ago.

Happy Holidays! Cheers!

I am not sure of the preamp yet... I am moving from an integrated into seperates again, and wanted to make sure I have the right amp. With that assumed (V4) I would first look at the Quicksilver Tubed Linestage... Any input from V4 owners there as well or perhaps other suggestions?
I have owned various quicksilver products in the past and they are all excellent. They are build to last and are very little maintance wise.
Beautifully built and from a no-nonsense honest to the core manufacturer. My friend the tube repair god thinks very highly of their simple build quality and engineering.

The external build quality of these amps are even more impressive when viewed in person. I've heard these on a few occasions and find their sense of presence and soundstage size to be up there with the best. Also these are very easy amplifiers to live with. They never become strident or bite you when you hear the upper treble notes. I think if you like the tube sound and prefer your music to be 'warm and inviting', these are a must audition.

I would give a quicksilver pre a try. They are well-regarded, cost effective, and should be a good match.

Hi All,

I am also interested in Quicksilver (thanks Eli). Does anyone know if Mike is going to display at CES this year?

I had the V4s driving Jamo Concert 11s: 4 ohms and 91 db. I was using the Quicksilver Line Stage Preamp. The freaking system simply worked and could play anything - jazz, blues, rock, classical, soul - anything!

I highly recommend.
You responded to my post a while back on tube amps and it looks like the Quicksilvers are the way to go from your post. I see you may have the Meadowlark nighthawks I heard them and really liked them. Any way are you using the Quick amps on them? How do the V-4s compare to the SF power 2? What preamp did you finally decide on and what did you compare it to?



I do have the Quicksilver V4's (Ei KT-90 type III) tube compliment driving the Meadowlark Nighthawks. They are a superb match. For now I am using the Quicksilver line stage with NOS Mullard 12AX7's. I compared the line stage to the Rouge 99 Magnum, but it was in a dealer showroom, and the preamp was not fully broken in. I was also trying to get the most for the price point, as I wanted to upgrade my front end(s) and then perhaps look into a preamp such as a Supratek or such.

As for a comparison with the SF Power 2, I am afraid I can not be of much help. I have not heard it for years, and it was a brief showroom audition. I have owned the Sonic Frontiers SFS-80 and had extensive us with the SFM-160's but have always felt they were much more musical than the Power 1 or Power 2. The "power" line of amps always seemed a bit more "solid state" sounding to me. Both the SFS-80 and SFM-160s are built like tanks, and sound great. I have not had the chance to tube roll as extensively with the V4's at this time, and they still need a bit more time on the KT-90s to fully break in, but with that being said, at this price point for a pair of monoblocks (by the way, Mike Sanders measured 180 wpc output on the amps with the KT-90 before he shipped em) that sound this phenominal, and look great on top of it is a shame more people are not aware of the line.