quicksilver silver mono's or quicksiver m60

need help in two models by quicksilver. i want to use
kt-88 on both, silver mono's use two per side and the
m60 have 4 per side...also in the silver mono's they also have a 5ar4 tube, which of the two will give nice detail,
bass and mmagic midss (holograph sound)
using paragon 12 pre and maggie mg12's & smga...
not very much difference between these . Call Quicksilver
Are you sure about the tube compliment? I thought the m60 used four EL34 tubes? Also the m60 has solid state rectification, whereas the Silver monos use a tube rectifier. I had a pair of Silver Mono's for about a year and did enjoy them very much. They are a pentode design so would be emphasizing the bass a bit more, boosted yet further by the use of KT88's vs EL34's (assuming I am correct there). As far as midrange magic goes, pentode is not considered the best where that's concerned. My Silver monos have been bested in that regard by other triode and push/pull designs I've used (Mini-Mites, EL34 Triodes, and 300B SET). But do phone up Mike Sanders and ask....he's easier to reach by phone than by email and tends to be very brief in his email responses. I'm sure he would give you a candid assessment of his view of the differences in the two designs.