Quicksilver silver 60 amplifiers

Has anyone had or heard the quicksilver silver 60 amplifiers?  I think I would like to find some.


That's one of the greatest tube amps. It has nearly best reliability and great coherent sound.

Gotta find one though for sale which is challenge.

My Mid Mono amps just sound glorious. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of QS models depending on your needs

I have, a few times. Compared them back to back to my own QS Mono 120 amps before I decided. The silver 60s have their own laid back EL34 sound and partly due to the input tube too.

Also heard them in comparison to QS Mid Monos which also sound nice with EL34s. A few buddies own the Mid Monos and pairing speakers was not an issue as much as I originally wondered about. 

Choosing might also depend on your speakers and specs there. Depends on your power needs, the Mid Monos are very nice too, I would not overlook them if the power output is acceptable for your speakers.

Nic midrange but plummy base, and mine blew fuses. If you're looking for neutral, look elsewhere.

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FYI they are no longer made if that makes a difference.  Very good bargain for the price if you want to get into tubes.  What is your price range?

Happy Listening.

I bought my QS Mini Mite  monoblocks new in 2006.  18 years later they still sound great.  Mike Sanders builds simple, reliable amplifiers that use quality parts and are built to last. Hope you enjoy the Silver 60's!  👍

I purchased the silver 60 mono’s new 1999 - 2000. Have owned several amps that have come and gone but the QS are the ones that stayed. They are unbelievably reliable. The auto bias works very well but they work and sound better with matched tubes. Mine have blown fuses on one amp but discovered that there were some (1) tube was shorting. After buying a new set of 8 matched it hasn’t blown one fuse. Have tried the kt88, 6550 but prefer the EL34.. I don’t find the bass flabby until the tubes need changing . Because Mike has set the bias low the tubes last a very long time. 
I should add that if you have any questions , Mike is very responsive.. 

I don’t think you can go wrong with QS .. point to point wiring so they can always be upgraded and repaired. Mine have been bullet proof .. when I first heard them I sold my ML amp of 15 years.. ( before Harmon owned) . 

the only reason I would sell the 60’s is if I could find a perfect set of the V4’s . 

Do you guys think the mid monos would manage to drive a pair of bbc 5/9 87db, never going below 6 ohm?

Do they produce a lot of heat ?


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I drove my Revel M106 with the Mid Monos and they had plenty of juice in a medium sized room at generous levels.  

They have been driving Heresy and Forte for the last few years.    Those amps were built in 2013 and have had a lot of use.   Never a problem.   QS are good amps