Quicksilver Remote Control Line stage. Need feedback from current or past owners

I need feedback and comments about a product: "Quicksilver Remote Control Line Stage". Quicksilver is a small electronics company in San Marcos, California.  I cannot find many reviews on this line stage, except the Audioreview blog which are customer testimonials that are generallyold and possibly unreliable.

 A audio writer named Paiul Seydor wrote a review of the unit in TAS in 2002. He generally raved about its sound However the pre-amp  was updated in 2012, and there are no reviews or mention of whether those upgrades improved the overall sound quality.  So any information on the this pre-amp will be appreciated.   Thanks,  Jim    

I have put thousands of hours on my QS Remote Linestage and can say that it is a superb-sounding preamp. There were 2 versions of this pre, a 12AX7 and 6922, and opinions differ on their sound. I have the 6922 version and have found it to be nothing but enjoyable... revealing enough of sources, but not what I would call a soundstaging champ like the AI M3A I once demoed. The construction quality is superb as well, with zero transformer hum and a neat parts layout. The new version is not remote, btw, and uses a 12AT7 pair. I am listening to Dead Can Dance Live now, and it sounds awesome.

To bojack,  Thank you for the information and update.  Some member is selling (he claims) a relatively new QS pre-amp with remote and comes with the Electronic Harmonic tubes; I am not sure if that is the 6922 or 12AX7 tube configuration 

Nevertheless, I am not going to buy a brand new one without the remote regardless how much it has been improved since the last upgrade. in 2012. However, the new one would be out of the question because I need a remote, quality phono stage and head phone feature  The phono stage I can buy as an outboard unit, and also get head phono box, but I want to have less boxes and cables not more.

 I like the front panel layout, but wish that Mike Sander.had incorporated a headphone amp or facility in pre-amp.  BTW, I did not read on their website about a new "remoteless" pre-amp. unless it in a newsletter or news flash section.   Thanks,  Jim   

The QS remote linestage new or old always came with 6922 (6dj8) tubes. The remote only has a volume control. I have owned both remote and non remote.
The non remote used 12ax7 tubes and the new one uses 12at7.

You will never see a review on QS gear because Mike does not loan his stuff out to reviewers.
If you are looking for features like balance,mono,etc,you will not find them on the new QS preamp!
BTW, I own all QS gear and I think it’s all great sounding!
While a big proponent and owner of Quicksilver amplifiers I'm less enthusiastic concerning their pre-amps. While an excellent value overall considering their price and I would certainly concur that the build quality is beyond reproach,  IMHO there is an overly rich character to the presentation with QS preamps. It may be a matter of taste for sure but I would say "not my cup of tea", YMMV. This would apply to the remote and non remote (at $500 less a better value and IMO preferable over the remote unit) and the full function unit with phono stage which has been discontinued. I have listened extensively to all of these units in familiar systems FWIW.

For the money it is difficult to imagine that you will find anything much better but with a larger budget you certainly will. Just a different perspective that isn't really a knock because Mr. Sanders overall offers great value/performance compared to much of the competition .
I owned a Quicksilver preamp and I can tell you that it is OK not very transparent or musical. I gave it a week but turned around and sold it. A friend of mine also owned one and he sold his too. But for what I understand the most current model has been improved upon.