Quicksilver rca interconnects

I wondering if anyone on the gon has tried these cables,especially with Quicksilver amps.

I have the MID MONO block amps from them,running from a Minimax preamp, I'm wondering if their silver cables are worth the price.

Right now I'm using Audioquest Diamondback.

All comments welcome!
A choice as subjective as which cable's sonics you will like and then the question of what it would be worth to you are unanswerable.
However not to leave you empty feeling consider the following cliches.
Cables are a component at least when justifying obscenely high prices.
The price anything will fetch is limited under all circumstances to the amount of money you and people identical to you, or at the very least, who are extraorinarily similar, ok ok kind of like you in some way, are willing to pay for it.
That said I have never heard them or much buzz about them but Mr. Sanders has a knack for getting you the most bang (as it were) for your buck.
OTOH silver is not all that costly about $16 per ounce and in general people pay much to much for it when streched into hair like filaments that are as shameful a rip as it gets, actually a pitiful excuse for a real plasmoid pseudo carbon 4AWG graphite semi gel graphite nitpick baba oriely tandem repeat braided equilibruium constant contolled and modulated electron phase inverted dispersion in a non metal magnetostatic array media in 10 to the 10th one angstrom thicknesses.
That said, I own Homegrowm Silver lace and a noname dollar no reserve auction solid silver or I think silver IC only to be terminated in the pointlessly sluggish fake chromy rhodium over brass RCAs of all disgraces.
I had Mountian somebody cables make me a solid silver power cord for my CD player which is thick enough to have withstood years of use but low amp applications only.
Also years of assorted electroplated silver over copper speaker wires which sounded worse than good copper with a copper and unobtanium spades by Jena labs. This is complicated by more copper in the Cardas Jumpers instead of biwire (can't find enough money for biwire Jena.) but in the end produces the most articulate detailed and staged out the house Nirvana I have yet to encounter in any rig thus far and it is a far cry from the crying I did over lousy sound for years with well you know... all the money is gone nowhere to go.
How much are these Quicksilvers anyway?
The hackneyed "you can always sell them" rule should be applied. However keep the slow to dead halt economic crisis unless you work for a bank in mind.
I have audioquest biwire speaker cables which are fairly sluggish don't know about those DBS jobbers.
Maybe we should bring back Hishi bead necklaces but use a rope thin silver one wth inert diamond dust spinkled in to mitigate the speed of light smearing campaign to hold them together and terminate with pukka shell shaped RCAs and start our own... oh forget it.
Hummmmm... ok thanks
I have a couple pair of the Quicksilver ICs. I firmly believe that if Mike Sanders at Quicksilver advertised as most of his competitors do, the prices of his products would be 50% higher than they are. In an audio world where higher price is so often perceived as reflective of higher performance, the lower prices of his offerings result in many thinking they must not be competetive with the ARCs and Conrad Johnsons and so on - based on price alone.

As far as the interconnects go, word is he was making them for his own use, friends and dealers heard them, loved them, and asked him to make them commercially available. I plan to replace the Kimber PBJ throughout my system with the QS cables. I haven't compared them directly with anything else, but the PBJ was working just fine for me until I tried out a pair of the Quicksilvers. Maybe someone else on here has some experience comparing them directly to other, more expensive cables. They show up periodically here on Audiogon. I'd say buy a pair and try them out. Try them in different places in your system. If you don't like them for some reason, you'd easily get your money back reselling them here.