quicksilver preamps

I'm looking for a preamp with phono to match my quicksilver M60s. Is anyone familiar with the older QS full function preamps, whether they would be a good match and how they compare to today's preamps such as rogue, doge8, etc? I see that they sold a black "full function preamp" (with 6X4 rectifier tubes later changed to 5AR4s) for @ $2,000 and then a silver "full preamp" for @$4,000. Thanks! 
There is the newer full function one listed here for $2500. That would be a perfect match with your QS amps! BTW,I own all QS gear and I think it's outstanding!
The newest Quicksilver line stage and separate Phono
smoke the old full function
And your into only 2600 buks for both new with Warranty.
Best JohnnyR