Quicksilver pre to 240V

Hi guys,
I am contemplating buying a Quicksilver pre as a stop gap to feed a Pass LABS X250. I already have a Quicksilver phono stage(240V).
The problem is Quicksilver are on vacation and I need to make a quick decision. It will be going to my friend in the states so shipping to them is not a problem.
Does anyone have experience of this. I would have thought it was quite a simple conversion but don't want to wait till September then face a hefty bill for conversion.
Cheers Simon
Most-likely you'll have extra taps from you power transformer or a simple switch that you should locate to bring it to 120V.
Krell and ML for instance charges $300 just to turn the switch onto the different position. It exceeds hourly rate of Mercedes dealership by more than 10x.
Thanks for that Marakanetz,
exactly as I thought - the deed is done so I shall just have to wait & see.
Interesting point as Pass just serviced and adjusted an X250 to 240V for $100, great service nice people. Camelot C.E.O took the trouble, with great relish to write and tell me how to convert their Camelot in about 10 minutes.
Kinda makes you wonder?
Maybe this thread is worth expansion but don't suppose it tells us anymore than is obvious.
Thanks Simon