Quicksilver (Non-Remote) Linestage & Croft Micro 25 Basic Preamps

Can anyone comment on the sound quality and any issues (excessive gain, noise, etc.) with either of these preamps? I'd be using it line level only of course (2V output DAC source) and SS amps


Good tubes made a difference for me, too. I like the Psvane art series and some others I got from Brent Jessee

@hilde45  Thanks, I have been using NOS Mullard 4024 & 6021(?) from Upscale. I will look into the PSVANE.


Sorry to the OP for mashing the thread

I've been using Croft preamps (with built-in phono stage) since the 80s. Very quiet but like any amp, depends on the tubes being low noise. As far as I know, the line  stage has unity gain.