Quicksilver Mono 120 vs. Quicksilver V4

Curious if anyone has compared the newer Quicksilver Mono 120 with the Quicksilver V4 (pre KT150 version)?  

Both have similar specs and both are rated for at 120 watts into 4 or 8 ohms.

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i have heard a pair of v4 running Vandersteen 5a....sublime....
I had V-4's with 3A Sigs & two 2Wq subs the sound was very enjoyable. They were easy to run and problem free, great amps.
Randy is the man I went often to visit, listen and learn. I've purchased cables, my Basis 2500, Air Tight PC 1 and all kinds of AudioQuest wire from Randy.
bump- anyone hear the NEW Sixty Watt Mono Amp. Retail is $3K equipped with KT 88, and also available with KT 150. Has anyone heard these, or a different Quickie, with high efficient horns. 
 We just did a Quicksilver Integrated 4 EL 84s per channel,
 with a pair of the latest Klipsh Forte III  12 x 14 room with super results.
 Johnny Hartman was playing back well in magic form.
 Best JohnnyR
 Audio Connection
Anybody hear the Mono 120's yet?