Quicksilver Mono 120 vs. Quicksilver V4

Curious if anyone has compared the newer Quicksilver Mono 120 with the Quicksilver V4 (pre KT150 version)?  

Both have similar specs and both are rated for at 120 watts into 4 or 8 ohms.

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I have the exact same question. I dealer told me that the mono 120's sound fantastic, but the did not have the v4's for a direct comparison. Hope somebody in the forum can help.

I have Quicksilver V-4 amps and they sound great with all speakers I have used with them. They run cool for tube amps, and it is easy to adjust bias, which I check occasionally and does not usually require adjustment. I have not heard the Mono 120, but would guess it sounds similar.
+1, Hard to go wrong with the V-4's. Had them in SE and Balanced version.  They get the tone right, which I think some designers may be losing touch with. I have not had the opportunity to hear the Mono 120's.
This is an older thread. But am resurrecting it. Love to hear if people have compared the two yet. 
I'm considering Quicksilvers myself
I have heard the original v4 that were 135 w or something like that and they are great .  Would love to hear the 120's.... I am sure they are great.  The new 60 watt Quicksilvers are more my speed.  I own a pair of Mid Monos and would buy another Quicksilver in a heartbeat.  They are great amps.  Look past the plain exterior, they are built like a tank , are super reliable , and sound great.  Huge value for the $$$
Randy at Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica has extensive experience w Quicksilver...suggest a call...he has been a trusted advisor to me for many important system decisions...
i have heard a pair of v4 running Vandersteen 5a....sublime....
I had V-4's with 3A Sigs & two 2Wq subs the sound was very enjoyable. They were easy to run and problem free, great amps.
Randy is the man I went often to visit, listen and learn. I've purchased cables, my Basis 2500, Air Tight PC 1 and all kinds of AudioQuest wire from Randy.
bump- anyone hear the NEW Sixty Watt Mono Amp. Retail is $3K equipped with KT 88, and also available with KT 150. Has anyone heard these, or a different Quickie, with high efficient horns. 
 We just did a Quicksilver Integrated 4 EL 84s per channel,
 with a pair of the latest Klipsh Forte III  12 x 14 room with super results.
 Johnny Hartman was playing back well in magic form.
 Best JohnnyR
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