Quicksilver Mini Mono's-New transformers

I undersand that Quicksilver has upgraded the output transformers on the Mini-monos. Mike Sanders says that it is a significant upgrade, and could do it on an older pair of amps for about 400.00. I am cosnidering doing this. Has any one heard the mini mono amps with the new transformers?
I am curious about how they sound.
Pete I would go with the upgrade from Mike Sanders quicksilver. I owned numourus quickies in the past and they are musical and very relable. Think of it this way if you look somewhere else you will pay a whole lot more for less sound and built quality with a less then reliable service.
Oftentimes, when audio designers make these statements it's
usually hype. However, Mike Sanders has a reputation for being conservative. So the new transformers on the Quickie 25's probably do offer noticeable sonic improvements, or Mike wouldn't have made the change.

Of course the only way to tell for certain is with your own ears. I have owned my QS 25's for about six years and consider these little gems to be one of the most pleasant sounding amps I have ever listened to.

And they really are well made.

They are matched with an old Systemdek IIX, an Electrocompaniet Preampliwire IIA and pair of Linn Kan I's (in the LS 3/5A cabinets) - For an inexpensive system it really does sound nice. And the equipment is built to last.

I was at the Audio Note Website recently and saw that they are selling the Systemdek IIX under the Audio Note moniker.

Two versions of the table, one with a twin motor configuration with Audio Note's own tonearms. The tables sell for about $1900 and $3100 respectively sans cartridge.

Makes the $350 I spent on my IIX seem like a pittance; especially when the owner through in a nearly new Grado RP ($300 new) as part of the deal.
I've known Mike Sanders since the mid 70s.

If he says he has an upgrade, you can take it to the bank.

Mike is the anti-thesis to hype.

His products - IMO - have always represented exceptionally high value.

They'd be competitive in the marketplace against far more expensive electronics if he would choose to market them in that arena.