Quicksilver Mini Mite or ARC Classic 30

Has anyone had experience with these amps or compared them??
Appreciate any feedback will be used to drive a pair of Proac 1SCs. Thanks.
I don't believe you will go wrong with either. I also believe it's going to boil down to your personal priorities and tastes. I bought the mites and use them with proacs--but that doesn't mean you should. If it is at all possible you should listen to both for yourself.
I've got a pair of ProAc RS2s that I powered off of Quicksilver Silver Edn Mono amps for years, and recently switched over to one of the new ARC VT100 MkIIIs. Its no where near a perfect comparison, but might give you insight into the brands. I found the Quickies a lot darker in comparison and without the detail I get out of the ARCs. The ProAcs are fast enough to tell subtle differences. But, its kind of apples to oranges given the price difference. I would note that I have read ProAc does voice its speakers with ARC gear in several places.