Quicksilver Linestage Pre-Amplifier

I've had this pre-amp for a little over a year now and am reasonably happy with its sound. Coupled with my B&K amplifier it delivers a good punchy sound to my Vandersteen speakers however I find that it lacks a bit in the sounstage. I have tried moving the speakers around and have put up absorbing panels at the first reflection points and the soundstage is still not what I had hoped for.

My dealer mentioned that I could tweak the sound somewhat by changing tubes so I thought that I would look into this but, being new to tubes, I don't know which ones to go with. What are your recommendations. My pre-amp uses 2 x 12AX7 tubes.

vandersteens and other larger speakers won't necc disappear on a lot of recordings. they will however do a nice balancing act when it comes to tone and weight. i don't think you've got a problem here, unless you're inclined to want small monitors that become invisible....you may want to do comparisons before bailing on any of your components.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the Quicksilver is not your problem, but your amp might be. I've owned both a Quicksilver preamp and several B&K amps, and the Quicksilver was in a different league than any of the half dozen B&K amps I've owned. Soundstage and spaciousness were not lacking.
I appreciate your comments and will investigate further at my dealer. Thanks.
How close are the vandys to the rear and side walls. They need to be at least 3 ft. from the rear and side walls. Also try Mullard 12AX7's in the Quickie. The opposite direction is the Phillips/Sylvania which is more vivid, leaner and a bit "hotter" sound.
I believe Mwilson is correct, the Quicksilver preamp is definately not the limiting factor. It is capable of throwing a very large soundstage. The sound produced by the Quicksilver is slightly warm but with very good detail. My only caveat with this linestage is that tube rolling only produced suttle results.

B&K makes some excellent products for the price but like most midfi manufacturers, not every model delivers the same results. By the way, one of their newer preamps like the PT3 is a screaming bargain but thats another story. If very good soundstaging qualities are high on your list you should try pairing the Quicksilver with a McCormack amp. I have done this with an excellent & satisfying outcome. Also McCormack amps and Vandersteen speakers are known to sound very good together, Steve McCormack himself mentioned to me that many of his customers who owned Vandersteen speakers were very happy with this combination. Or you could look for a Quicksilver amp which will offer alot of synergy and take some of the guesswork out.