Quicksilver Line Stage with ARC amps?

Is anyone using the Quicksilver Line Stage with any Audio Research tube Amps? I have seen and heard the Quicksilver LS with other tube amps from manufactures that don't make a preamp (like Wollcott) and was very impressed with the overall sound and really liked the looks and quailty of the QS. It appears to be a really good no nonscence preamp and does not cost too much. I need a nice line stage and don't feel like spending 5K or something at the moment.

I notice the QS output phase is +180 degress, is that the same as "inverting" the signal? I think all of ARC designs are non-inverting?
The Quicksilver linestages (there are 2 versions; one employs 12AX7s and the other uses 6DJ8s) work fine with ARC equipment. Yes, they both invert the signal, so you will need to reverse the amp-end or speaker-end of your speaker cables--unless your amp inverts phase.
I have a Full Function Quicksilver and I love it. In the right combination it's as god as it gets. In my opinion and as a rull of thumb, the older the ARC amp the less good the set will sound in combination with the QS. In other words, use quicksilver preamps with newer ARC and not with older ones as you are risking too much of a tubeee sound.
The 12ax7 version is a non remote, the 6dj8 is remote. I like the non remote better and I have owned both. I don't understand why you care about inverting phase;once in a blue moon something is recorded out of phase,then you would have to reverse the speaker connection.