Quicksilver Interconnect & Speaker Wire

I am looking into the purchase of Quicksilver Audio V4 monoblocks and their preamp. Both Mike at Quicksilver and a dealer I have been speaking with highly recommend the quicksilver cabling. The speaker wire is "pure silver" and retails for $340 for a 4 ft. pair. The interconnect retails for $90 per meter pair. The reasonably low pricing tends to scare me... I currently have decent up to date Synergistic Research (sig 10x & phase two looking glass) and am hesitant if I will be taking a step backward by going with the quicksilver wire.

Anyone have any experience with Quicksilver speaker cable or interconnect?

Thanks for any help.
Have your dealer allow your to take home for trail the amp, pre-amp and wire. If they don't allow this find another dealer.
Would be great, alas no local dealer :(
I had Quicksilver M 60 monoblocks for several years connected with Alpha Core TQ-2 silver connects and running all silver AlphaCore AG2 speaker cables. My dealer persuaded me to try Quickies own Cabeles and sent me both to try...I could NOT notice ANY difference in sound. I was suprised how very similar the silver cables were. As my Alpha Cores were substantially less than the Quicksilvers..I sent them back and politly thanked him for the demo. You have far superior stuff ( at least to the AlphaCores) now.. and I for one cannot honestly recommend the change. Systems vary of course. Just FWIW..My experience.
I'm running Quicksilver IC's between my monoblocks & preamp, and also using their speaker cable. I could not be happier. I have a VeraStarr silver IC running from the preamp to the CD player, and it may be (although it's very hard to tell) slightly more revealing than the Quicksilver, but at 10x the price it should be, huh? Obviously, everyone's experience is different: components, sound preferences, etc., but I have to say that I am VERY happy with this setup, and it was recommended to me by someone I know who has tried Cardas, Nordost, Tara, Stealth, and many others. $100K later, he raves about the Quickies. If it helps to know, I am running George Wright preamp with Mono 10's, a Jolida
JD-100A CD player, and Klipsch La Scala's that have a silver DH-Labs wiring harness. Good luck!