Quicksilver Headphone Amp


Wondering if anyone has this amp or if anyone has used it.  No dealers near me.....would like to get some feedback

Hello all. I just pulled the trigger on this beauty. Will be my first SET tube amp! Currently have a Dared Hybrid amp and it sounds pretty good but I can’t really tell any difference between it and my Xduoo XD-05 Plus mobile headphone amp, sound wise. Hoping the SET tube amp sound is what I’ve been looking for! Current headphones are Hifiman HE5SE’s.

Silly question, but are the inputs for the Quicksilver headphone amp just standard RCA? Thanks and cheers!
John at AudioConnection is really great.   Do it all by phone.  
The only shortcoming of this design for some is it's single RCA input.  No problem though if you are using a DAC directly connected or in my case , my preamp's TAPE OUT is feeding a fixed level input to the Quicksilver.  I'm lucky I guess that my preamp Tape Out is wired directly to the input.  My preamp does not have to be on to pass what ever is present at its input appears at Tape Out.  This most likely would only be the case with an analog preamp,  i would guess anything micro processor controlled does not pass a signal when its off.  

If whatever you are feeding the Quicksilver with has a variable volume control in the digital domain, set it to either "fixed" or " 0dB" or a little below for best results.   Keep AC cables away from its input cables and it should have a nice quiet background.  I had noise when I first set mine up and it was just poorly shielded interconnects.  Swapped them and nice and quiet.  Remember, you are listening through headphones , so anything to lower the noise floor is worth the effort.

Enjoy, it is a great sounding amp.  I bought mine sight unseen, but having Quicksilver amps ,  knew it would be awesome.  Wait til you lift it out of the box, it is a monster.  Once you pick it up, you will know your money was well spent  before even plugging it in...  one caveat, you will be upgrading headphones a few times over the next year.... actually,  you will keep your existing phones along your upgrade path because they all sound better powered by this amp.  Post feedback once you've spent some time with it
Loving the amp! Feels and looks premium enough to me oh and the sound is fantastic! Love the heft of this beauty when picking it up as well :)

The quicksilver headphone amp really helped tame the little bit harsh top end of the HE5SE’s. I think they always had good top end but if you came upon a brightly recorded album you would definitely know it. Bass and mids are great as well! Im not a super audiophile so that’s about as much of a description as you’ll get out of me. 
Amp is being fed by IPhone X>Chord  Mojo>Audioquest evergreen 3.5mm to RCA>Quicksilver Amp>Corpse Headphone cable>HE5SE’s.  Setup is dead silent. 
You can’t go wrong with this amp. Happy customer through and through. 
Looking forward to testing out some LCD3’s, Arya’s etc. on this setup one day 👍🏼