Quicksilver Headphone Amp


Wondering if anyone has this amp or if anyone has used it.  No dealers near me.....would like to get some feedback

Hello oddiofyl, both of my Headphone Amps are by Schiit Audio one SS and one Tube Amp.
So no direct experience with Quicksilver HA.
However I do have a local Retailer that carries the Quicksilver line.
The one Amp that is on display might be another brand but looks Good.
Anyway I could check into it if it would be helpful.
Thx.  Im in Boston.....closest dealer I think is Audio Connection in NJ.    
Pulled the trigger on it....  I already own Quicksilver gear so no doubt it will be awesome...
Please report back with your impressions of the little Quicksilver and what phones you use with it. I almost bought one based on how much I love my M120 amps but needed two source inputs. Enjoy the music
I will be sure to post my impressions.    I am just going to connect it to my c-j Classic 2SE via it's tape out so I can enjoy all sources.    

It looks like it's built like a tank,  just like all QS amps.   I am using a pair of Klipsch HP 3 and a pair of Grado RS2e.   I'm currently using a Rupert Neve RNHP amp and it's a great amp but I wanted the QS since it came out last year.   Mike from QS said it will drive any headphone, and I believe it considering the size of the output transformer.   I read on one site it can drive a pair of speakers.....   not that I would try it.    Hopefully it's the last HP amp I purchase.
It just arrived.  Stay tuned
I spent a few hours listening to this amp last night and it is so transparent.  While listening I kept thinking of the best way to sum up the sound....clarity.   It is so natural sounding.  My Neve RNHP is a great amp, but this is in another league.   
@oddiofyl Thanks for the update. I’m really interested in hearing your overall impressions after the "new toy" happiness wears off.

What headphones are you using with the Quicksilver amp?
I haven’t heard the RNHP but I went to CanJam and heard his $5,000 Precision (I think), driving a Mr. Speakers ’phone. It was, IMO, probably the best sounding rig there. Granted show conditions are NOT the time to make such assumptions.

I love my MHDT Orchid feeding a Burson Conductor V2+ which drives my Arya. However, I’m curious how a tube amp would do with my planars, so I was wondering about your setup.


Sources are NAD M51 DAC , OPP0 103d,  Bluesound Vault 2i,  tuner. Turntable

The Neve is a fine amp... it really is clean and detailed.   If you are looking for precision, studio quality it's there.   It sounds great don't get me wrong but the Quicksilver is more engaging, you know you are listening through a SET amp.   

The Quicksilver has incredible tone and a natural quality to the sound.   It's lightning fast and has airy highs .  The bass is very well defined,  again, great tone.   It seems much more powerful than the Neve but being tube I would expect it to be.   I haven't spent a lot of time with this amp but I can say it's the best sounding headphone stage I've ever heard.  

It' s built exactly like my Mid Monos.... it is a tank!!!    Same heavy gauge steel used in chassis, same power transformer.  It is beautifully constructed.    I had mine built with optional chrome transformer cover, it looks sharp.  

Im using Grado RS2e and Klipsch HP 3 primarily, I used them with some old beyer 600 Ohm and it drove them all no problem. This amp has balls ! I also used a pair of Sennheiser ear buds and those too have never sounded better.   $1000 isn't cheap but it's worth it .   Best new piece of gear I have bought in a while.