Quicksilver Gold or Silver ?

Which is the better conductor ?

Thanks, Mats.

If you do a search you'll see that the Gold version is much improved over the silver. I have only tried the Gold but I like its improvements of my system to be quite substantial. There are a lot of comments about both vs. the competition in the tweaks/DIY forum on the website www.audioasylum.com .
Thanks Sherod (very fast answer indeed :)),
I asked this because one person told me that the silver should be better.

Silver oxides are conductive,I don't believe gold oxide is.From my experience,gold is more laid-back/warmer sounding.
Your welcome, Mats. Here's a thread you might find interesting:

I think there's a difference between the silver and gold versions, but it's not because one is made from silver and the other is gold. Gold, in general, does tend to have a warmer sound, but the new Quicksilver Gold is the Gold edition, not made only from gold. Because of proprietary formulation, I can only guess that it does have some real gold in it, but also some silver and a few other unknown ingredients as well. In any event, when I applied the Gold version on many contacts throughout my system, the initial observation was not of warm and laid-back; it was pinched and restricted. After several days of break-in, the sound became much cleaner and transparent, but not too warm. It was actually very neutral-sounding to my ears, but provided greater clarity,soundstage, dynamics( especially in the micro area) with better transparency. If I didn't have my system tweaked to the n'th degree already where it was most pleasing to my ears, I wouldn't have imagined that by adding the Quicksilver Gold that the sound would be improved that dramatically. It truly was the icing on the cake for me. The price of $159.00 seems outrageous for what little liquid you get, but considering that this small bottle can tweak four or five systems and that the sound improvement is as great as changing cables or a major component, then it is well worth it. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before even beginning to use it and make sure to keep it in the refrigerator as it will spoil. Have fun with your tweaking. That's what being an audiophile is all about.