Quicksilver Gold contact enhancer

Is this still available? There is one site that advertises it but my security software warns me when I select the contact page. I have bought three times previously but the product dries up before I use all of it so I would like to ensure the product I buy was recently manufactured. Is there something that can be added to thin the consistency?
Try Cable Company. They have the biggest selection of those kinds of products.
The manufacturer passed away about a year ago so I'd be a little bit suspicious about any QG for sale at this point in time. Xtreme AV was the name of the company that produced QG.
My Quicksilver has stayed fresh for over six years, thus far. The trick is sealing and keeping the small container airtight, with electrical tape, around it's circumference. I also keep my complete kit in a vacuum seal bag(air removed). These guys may be able to help, with info on the products: (http://www.asi-tek.com/xtreme1.html)
Brian Kyle, the fellow behind Xtreme AV, passed away on Feb. 15, 2014. It was a privilege to know him and be a good friend. Brian and I had some great times together, especially at shows.

Brian Walsh
I wasn't aware that Brian passed away. Good guy and a real enthusiast. RIP
I know Brian said to refrigerate the QG after opening and using.  Sealing the container as much as possible would be of additional help.   I have a friend who used some oil of some sort to mix and smooth the QG that had dried up some.  He said it worked like new after that.

What a great idea for a product, because deoxit may clean things up, but I don't think it enhances the connection like this stuff.
Yeah, no kidding? Silver contact enhancers have only been around for like 20 years.

Sorry, I'd never heard of it.