QuickSilver GOLD

This outstanding product has received a few mentions here at Audiogon already, but it really deserves a thread of it's own IME.

It is a contact enhancement paste that delivers a positively HUGE performance boost. I am a beta tester and have enjoyed the benefit of this product since September without one glitch. I liked original formula QuickSilver, but this premium formulation is vastly superior to the original.

Cost is about $150, but one package will go a long, long way and it would be very feasible to split the cost between multiple enthusiasts.

I have done a lot of tweaking in my day, but if I were limited to just one, this would be it without question. I highly doubt there is an audiophile, the world over, that wouldn't fully appreciate the benefit this product delivers.

Take note too that their audio cables are pretty impressive as well.

Manufacturer's Website
Given my experience with contact enhancers, I can see that this might be a worthwhile product. The one thing I can't figure from the website, though, is the difference between the regular Quicksilver and the Gold version. If the regular version gives you 100% contact on the jacks, and that's the main reason for using this product, how can the Gold version improve on 100%?
I picked some up at THE Show at a decent price, but am yet to try it out. Oddly enough, I picked up some SST Extreme at last year's CES from Lloyd Walker and I am yet to try that out either. What a slack-arse I am.

You've never heard the concept of 110% then I take it. ;-)

I assume though that the improvement is due to a difference in what the contact material is made out of. I can't emphasize enough how spectacularly effective this product is.
Wellfed--figured I'd spare you the sports analogies! I probably should ask the company, it seems like a valid question for them.

I can empathize with Metralla, given how many pieces of equipment I'd have to disconnect, move out from the wall, lift (and those 90 pound amps are no fun), etc., I don't know how much I'd like to do something like this, no matter what the benefits.
The benefit is priceless to keep piling on the cliches. Start with your speaker connections to get a feel for what's in store and whether it would be worth your effort. I'm pretty sure QuickSilver GOLD carries a money back guaranty.
Rcprince, the difference is in the fact that the Quicksilver uses 8 micron cryoed silver and the new Gold has a small percentage of Gold mixed in as well.The new Gold is better in the way images are laid out in a more natural and dimensional way.The best place to hear a difference is by starting with the i/c's between your cd and preamp and then go from there.I hope you enjoy the experience and have fun painting- Take care Dennis
"The benefit is priceless to keep piling on the cliches."

I wholeheartedly agree. I have responded about QS Gold both here and at Audio Asylum. Definitely worth the price and the effort and is not just another over hyped accessory.

I've treated 4 different systems already with the one bottle and still have some left. For me it has given me more improvement than some major component upgrades, certainly more than than most cable or cartridge upgrades costing thousands of dollars more.

It is a no-brainer ... those with first hand experience can confirm this.


The best place to hear a difference is by starting with the i/c's between your cd and preamp and then go from there.

Yes, that is the place to hear the most profound improvement. Rcprince mentioned access issues as being problematic. My suggestion to treat his speaker cables was simply to allow for an easy audition.
Agreed, the best place to hear the difference is at the source and move out from there. After having been a beta tester and doing many A-B B-A tests I have treated my whole
system from the power at the mains to the speakers. I am now going inside the various components and treating any plug-in connections whatsoever including fuses. When using QuickSilver Gold as above I have improved my video and sound by about 30 percent. Both the video and sound have blacker backgrounds and the dynamics are improved in addition to many more benefits such as sound staging, etc. This was tested in a very high-end Home Theater system that was already quite impressive yet I still achieved an amazing upgrade that I could not get any other way. Further, both the video and sound will get better with time even after the 3 day break-in period. The service and support has been great! In summary, highly recommended!
I did my whole system a couple of days ago and am thrilled by the additional resolution. Human voices became much more natural from the complete treatment. The soundstage was somewhat less coherent initially, but is now coming back into form nicely. It just gets better and better with time. Listening off-axis, in an adjacent room, provides a really profound experience in my environment.
I recently did almost every single connection in my sytem with Quicksilver "silver" and it was really time consuming. Guys, is the "Gold" version REALLY that much better? (I never even did an A/B with the silver, so I don't know whether it worked in my system. It's not just "plug and play", as you know). Thanks for the answer(s).
The difference is still in your wallet.
Yes, as a user with first hand experience with both the original QuickSilver and the new QuickSilver GOLD formulas, I can tell you from experience that the GOLD formula is worthy of your time to remove and re-apply.

I've cleaned and re-applied the new GOLD formula to every connection in my system, even my circuit breakers.

As I've said before, it is a no-brainer.



The answer is YES, it's much better. Astounding actually.
Apparently, a kit (which is on sale right now for $135) will treat 7-10 systems. If a couple of you want to share the price of a kit three ways, please write me privately. Thanks.
Has anybody compared the QS Gold to Walkers' Extreme SST? If so, results?

Feel free to visit the above link and/or private message Quint.


Brian Kyle
1markr, Jes45 comments on this somewhere I believe.
Thanks Brian, I have already ordered the QS Gold from you last Friday.