Quicksilver Audio Integrated Amp

So I decided to try out another American tube amplifier manufacturer today.

Placed an order for the Quicksilver Integrated amp for use in my office system with Klipsch RM600 stand mounts.
I have read good reviews of Mike Sanders gear and figured what the heck spend $2g on some American gear.
I have owned Raven, AR, McIntosh and Carey tube gear as well as Pathos and Icon. All of them wonderful in their own ways.

Mike had one in stock and I will have it early next week. More to come.

Enjoy the music.

Cool! Good for you. I’m sure you'll acquire some lurkers too along the way. That’s a neat little amp. When you peer under the hood and see all eight 6bq5/el84s sitting down inside surrounded by some nice transformers...well nuff said, don’t wanna spoil it for ya. Might be a nice match for your speakers and getting started. I’ve heard that amp with a few different speakers and it was fun to listen to. Please do report back after you get 40-80hrs on it. It will settle in some and you’ll be rewarded for making the purchase. Congrats.

I love QS gear, and heard some lovely Dynaudio monitors (Evoke 10, 6 ohm, 84db) driven with that little integrated. Don't let the wpc fool you -- it can do really nice things even with speakers at lower sensitivities. Great choice.