Quicksilver and 6SN7 pre

Has anyone ran Quicksilver amps with a 6SN7 pre? I currently have a Belles 20a with a pair of Mid Mono's. Don't particularly care for the sound. If I recall the 6SN7 is a little more open.

Thanks for the thoughts!

kt88, I had a Belles 20A for a while and it is a bit dark sounding, more so with some NOS tubes like RCA blackplates. The pre just lack the top end sparkle imo. I have also had various 6sn7 preamps because I like this tube, big open sound. The AES AE-3 DJH for example sounds more open to me but does not have the strong bass your 20A has.
If you want open/detailed sound(without glare) with 6SN7's: Try a NOS pair of 40's TungSol JAN CTL/VT-231/6SN7GT, bottom gettered, round plates(not the mouse eared ones) or 40's Sylvania JAN CHS/6SN7W, tall bottles(the short ones stink). The Sylvania JAN CHS/6SN7GT and Ken-Rad JAN CKR VT-231's (both bottom getters also)and are really nice too, just slightly less depth to the sound stage, and not quite as dynamic. Here's a pic of those tubes: (http://java.audioasylum.com/ca/ca.jtp?ca=3466) If you do find some- Be certain the are screened for extremely low noise.
BTW: That's not me selling those!
Well now that I think about it, perhaps the 12AU7 is a bit dark sounding in general. I have matched a CJ PV12 with SS, and also a VAC CLA-1 with SS. Both tamed the issues I had with SS. However paired with my EL34 amps they were a bit dark sounding. I also tied the Rogue 66 with a pair of Quicksilver and found it a bit dark sounding. As I recall Belles also offers SS amps to match with their tube pre amps. I have some Siemens EL34's laying around I might try them as I recall they are more neutral than the Teslas I am currently running. If all else fails I can go to 6550's as I find them a bit bright with 6922 pre amps. Somewhere their is a happy medium it just gets expensive.

I do have a few 6SN7 choices I could use if I had a pre that excepted them. I am a bit curious why the " red base " sell for so much. It seems most here don't recommend them. Thanks for the link on the tubes!


The red base ones are a bit overrated for sound. People like them because they are so ruggedly built. There are equally good options at a fraction of the cost. Take it from a guy that has had over 20 different brands/types in various preamps:)
I have a minimax pre with the mid monos,its not dark sounding whatsoever,FYI
can someone define dark ? i'm not sure your definition is the same as mine.