quicksilver amps and preamps any thoughts ??

any input on theses items, they look nice, am curious to the sound and reliability, thanks. Any comparisons to other equipment etc.
Hey Ben,

I've owned the Mini Mites, and they were shockingly good for the price. The only reason we sold them was because we had a pair of SET amps, and needed something else for rock. They didn't quite have the cojones for rock duty, but they sounded very close to SET. I also liked the fact that we could simply switch between KT88, 6550, or EL34 tubes and they were self-biasing. Their other amps are manually biased, but the process is pretty simple.

We now have their Triodes--a 50W 6C33C tube pair of monoblocks--that I find to be quite possibly the best amps I've ever heard. And gorgeous to boot! All of their amplifiers are IMO emotionally involving, and said to be among the most reliable in the industry. A fellow A'gon member I know says that since the mid-1980s, he's never had but one tube go bad with his Quickie stuff. Other than that, not a single problem.

We have our Triodes paired with Klipsch La Scala speakers, whose shortcomings were largely debunked by the capabilities of the Triodes. I've always loved the Klipsch, but was shocked at what they could do when really pushed. The Triodes are not on their web site, but I (or Quicksilver, of course) would be happy to send you a couple of photos if you write me directly.
All the best,
Hi Boa2,

I maybe interested in the Quicksilver triodes too but I am concerned that this amp may have a mechanical transformer hum like the V4s that I have read about?

I used to own the linestage...extremely reliable, sounded best w/ acoustic music, jazz, and light rock. Good tonal balance...not too tubey and definitely not hard/bright sounding.
Hi Kw6,

I'm using the Triodes with 104dB horn speakers, and they are totally silent. That is, until I crank the music. If you're anywhere near N. California, you are welcome to come have a listen.
I've got the 8417 monoblocks and there is some mechanical hum from the transformers. However, this is not translated to the speakers at all. You have to go up to the amps to hear it, but music remains completely unaffected. The amps sound fantastic as well. Since these were early Quicksilver stuff, I'm sure the Triodes being discussed have overcome any of those early kinks.
I have the V4's and the background is dead quiet. If you go up to the amps themselves with no music playing, you can hear a slight hum but nothing at all over the speakers. My Merlin's were a lot noiser with the Audio Research D-125 amp I used to have. Oh, and they sound great and have been absolutely trouble free. There may be better amps, but they are pretty darn good and a really good value I think. The one thing I'd like to do is try an OTL amp with my speakers sometime when I can afford one but other then that, I'm sticking with the Quickies. Oh, I have used cheater plugs as I get a pronounced hum without them but thats not the transformers. I've been thinking about getting a balanced line conditioner for that issue, but it seems as though a lot of A'goner's have that issue with their systems.
I use a Mini-Mite pair with the Cary SLP-98 preamp and I can tell you it is dead quiet and very musical. The Quicksilvers are a very nice amps if you don't mind the simple appearance.

My friend has been a long time owner of the full function preamp. I like it a lot. A musical and transparent preamp with no hint of grain, excessive bloom, or "tubey" warmth. Beautiful midrange and speed when paired with a good SS preamp. I think this is a preamp that works very well in a hybrid setup. Does not sound anything like a classic CJ tube preamp.
I'm using Quicksilver Horn Monos with a Cary SLP-2002 preamp and Klipsch La Scalas. Jaw-dropping transients, superb detail, clarity and fullness. The Horn Monos are dead quiet and a great match for the La Scalas.

I used Rogue M120s before - way more power and great amps in their own right, but they were much noisier with high efficiency speakers like the La Scalas. The Rogues were more impressive sounding due to their much greater power, but the Quicksilvers are more truthful with respect to tone, clarity, and intimateness.

I'm extremely happy with the Quicksilvers, and the build quality is exceptional. The horn mono is a lower-gain version of the mini-mite, with some cosmetic improvements (and real binding posts!) Not a single problem with these amps so far - not even the slightest deviation from the same operational characteristics and behavior every listen. Rock solid.
I have v4 no hum what so ever. Best amps I have owned and I have had a few different ones. Highly recomend them.
Hello many thanks for the responses, sounds like people really like the gear, the horn monos interest me as I have Khorns,but also have B&W cm4s and Linn Ninkas, is there a better all around amp for all...say mid monos anybody heard those ??
Hi Ben,

I've had Minimites for the past year and am still amazed by their exceptional value. They are driving Klipsch Forte's and are a great match. I plan on auditioning the Horn Monos to see if I can draw that last bit of inner detail out of the music. I'd say the Horn Monos would be a perfect match with Khorns but you may need something a bit more versatile if you plan on driving speakers rated below mid 90's db. You should email Mike Sanders at Quicksilver to get his opinion. Mike's design philosophy - form follows funtion - is clearly evident in all his creations. I'm convinced that his approach allows the listener to be more emotionally involved in the music.

Mwilson - You said the Rogue M120's were more impressive than the Horn Monos due to their much greater power. Do you find the Horn Monos, when pushed hard, run out of steam with the Lascalas? I would think that the 104db Lascalas would leave plenty of head room. Just curiuos.

Regards, Mike


Thanks everyone for thier feedback! I was thinking of e-mailing Mike Sanders but did not want to risk offending him if I asked if some of his amps hummed.


BTW Howard thank you for the invitation but not close to you right now.
Hi Mike. To answer your question, I have never run out of power with the Horn Monos on the La Scalas, and I've gotten them up to "pictures falling off the wall" levels regularly. The Rogues had more current swing and slam (120 watts a side can do that for you), but the Horn Monos also go very deep and with great authority. I listen to heavy metal, space rock, dub reggae and electronic music mainly, and never lack for volume or impact with the Horn Monos in my setup. I haven't looked back from the Rogues, which I never would have let go if I had any inkling that the Quicks were close on headroom.

I think your idea of trying the horn monos on the fortes is a good one - though bear in mind the horn mono is lower gain than your mini mites, and the forte is lower sensitivity than the la scalas I'm using. How much headroom you'd have, I wouldn't be able to say (but in my setup, I can't see the end of the tunnel, so at 104db, there's plenty.) I sold my Forte II's about a year before picking up the Quicks, else I'd be able to tell you firsthand!
I have owned Quicksilver gear and can speak about the company, reliability and a little about the sound. My amplifier experience was with what I think was Quicksilver's first amp, the MX-190. Well the MX indicated that it was the second version of the original amp which I think was called MS-190. This amp was in the 160 watt range, big chassis, etc. Although I purchased the amp used, and had the amp for years, they never had a single problem. The amp was ultra reliable, and through steady use imparted a Rock-of-Gilbrator-like sense of problem-free behavior. With regard to their later amps, I’ve always heard from users that their amps shared the rock-steady reliability that my amp had.

The sonics were exceptional for their time. In fact, when I got the bug to upgrade, I discovered that the MX-190 performed better sonically than many of the highly thought of amps that I considered. In the end, I did upgrade. Note in testimony to my MX-190 and to Quicksilver, I sold my used Quickie back to the person who originally sold them to me! I’ve only heard of that happening with Quads.

An essential item to me with regard to audio gear is the company that makes the gear. What is the value in owning an amp if it is unreliable, if the vendor does not share your goal in making said amp reliable, or if the company ignores you if you have a question? Relative to those categories, some vendors are significantly better than others. Mike Sanders and Quicksilver provide some of the best customer service in the industry. In short, if you audition the Quickies of your choice and are pleased with the sound, I would not hesitate to purchase them.

Does anyone know what brand of signal capacitors Quicksilver usually use inside their amps?

WOW all of these EXPERT evaluations on the Quickie stuff.
Gee what in the heck do i know...NOTHING at all ???????
Gee all this talk about caps and this and that and 8417's and Mini Mites and V-4's and yada yada yada ...Gee this is scary i am totally intimidated.
Don't worry about what caps are used in the quickie TRIODES leave that up to the guy who created the most magnificent amps in the world...ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just lesten to the music and do not worry about what siginal capacitors are used!!!!!!!!!!!!
My response is two fold, Jordi, your sanctamonious attitude that you are spraying on this and another thread....is well er um scary. I own Khorns and think they are terrific, are they the 'Best" don't know, don't care...do know they are something special, and I had the good fortune of them being signed by PWK. SO many things may come and go in my hifi world...they ain't going nowhere.

The reason I started this post was because quite frankly, I can't seem to find a local dealer who displays this line with authority, much less stock any of it. So i appreciate all the responses from those who have heard it or own it.
I should be able to get some impressions from a dealer but they really don't have it. It has turned into one of my big frustrations with Hi end audio, which i posted on another thread.....the light display...no stock syndrome.

So audiogon seems to be the place to exhange ideas and thoughts...and to me all ideas and questions are welcome....we all hear what we hear...What you may think is great, I might not let my dog listen to and vice versa...and I have heard a fair amount of gear in my day...in my home not just the stores.

So I think we all need to accept all the input....

Now if some of these hi end lines would work with their dealers to get the gear on display a plenty and some in stock.. I could hear for myself.
sorry i came across as sancta whatever...I meant to come across as a total knowitall the audio god if you will.
Keep me in mind if you want the real story about Klipsch and so on and so forth.

WOW are they really signed by PWK???
Mike Klementovich
CO-Author Paul Wilbur Klipsch: The Life..The Legend.
Hello, yes my Khorns are signed by Paul Klipsch, thanks for the cool response, are you really the co author of the book, ironically I haven't read it yet,but will...as I am a huge fan of PWK...genius is a rare word that applies...it fits him to a tee. I also have a pair of Hereseys...pretty good little speakers...Interested in the Quicksilvers but have not heard them, hence my post...as always all thoughts welcome.

well held together thread. my monos are outstanding. pretty too.


With your off the wall responses to this and other threads, I just assumed you were a "troll". I googled Mike Klementovich and sure enough - you're the real deal (as long as you're really Mike). Isn't the internet amazing. Anyway, I'm an avid Klipsch fan and plan on reading "Paul Wilber Klipsch: The Life.. The Legend" soon. Can you possibly enlighten us all with the "real story about Klipsch and so on and so forth". LOL.

In all seriousness, you have insight into his genius that many would be interested in.

Regards, Mike
Hey you got to see through my silliness and fun posting and my point is that this is suppose to be fun and some people take this way to serious.
WOW man that guy Howard is fantastic/// He knows everything about everything he is the real go to guy.
Thank you Howard without you I would HAVE NEVER been able to put a good system together.
Mike Klementovich
CO-Author Paul WIlbur Klipsch
The Life The Legend.