Quicksilver 8417 help

Ayybody out there willing to send me a bottom pic of their stock 6 tube quicksilver 8417's? I acquired a pair yesterday that have been "modded" and I would like to perhaps undo his work, but I don't know what original looks or sounds like. Values on caps would help as well. thanks in advance.
You might try www.quicksilveraudio.com, You can Email your question and Mike Sanders will most likely be who responds.

If you have 8417's that have not been modified, they offer that service. the point of the modification is that 8417 tubes are no longer available.
what tubes are in this pair of amps ?

The mods that have been done may have been so you can use tubes that ARE available.

Good Luck,
Thanks for the response, but I don't want to bother mike sanders/Quicksilver with something he has the right to ask to be paid for, not fair to him so I like to look 1st to the audio community. These amps are still using 8417's, and I think I want to still run them with 8417's for a while. There are still quite a few 8417 tubes out there, Ebay has 5 sets up now, and has sold something like 20 in the last few weeks, then a few tube dealers still have them, so getting the tube is not the real issue, I just want to be able to make an honest close as possible evaluation of the original Mike Sanders design as I can.