I've just had a chance to review the 2D and 3D SPDIF cables from KLE Innovations (KLEI) over several days in my own system.

These are the first SPDIF cables produced by KLEI

Both of these cables are excellent performers that bring
- incredibly fast dynamic performance
- expansive and extremely precise imaging
- significantly more clarity
- Deeper bass response with far more textured details
- faster attack and longer decay on percussive instruments
- more tonal details on percussive instruments
- a more complete, more realistic delivery

Both cables are extremely good, but the 3D has the edge over the 2D

The 3D has more of everything across the board, but the improvements between the two are subtle

However, what stood out for me was their ability to come the closest I've ever experienced to attaining the Holy Grail - i.e. analogue sound from digital sources.

They also achieve a significantly superior reproduction of venue acoustics, effectively transporting you into the concert hall on live recordings.

Priced at $250AUD and $350AUD respectively they are what I consider to be very reasonable, especially when compared to some of the boutique brands out there.

My digital components are:
- v-Link192 USB/SPDIF converter
- Schiit Bifrost DAC with UBER analogue upgrade
- the 2D and 3D connected these components

The rest of my system...
- NAIM 5i amp
+ KLEI gZreo20 Interconnects from DAC to amp
- Gershman Acoustics Sonogram
+ KLEI gZero6 Speaker cables.
- high quality power cables
- dedicated power line and distribution box

I've tried most of the KLE Innovations product line and the 2D and 3D have made the biggest impact so far.

My existing SPDIF is a DIY Interconnect of my own design (see my System link below), which already provides exceptional fidelity in comparison to many other brands in the market place.

Both the 2D and more especially the 3D brings more reality to the presentation over my existing cable, improving on dynamic performance and clarity - so much so, I'm considering an upgrade to the 3D, if just to get closer to the "Holy Grail" :-)

Is the 3D worth the extra $100? - in my system - most certainly!

which one to buy?
- if you want your digital rig to perform to it's optimum capabilities
>>> get the 3D
- if you play digital music more as background music
>>> get the 2D

Either one - you won't regret it :-)

Hope you find this informative

I use a KLEI gZreo2D SPDIF IC between my Squeezebox and DAC. Makes the Squeezebox sound very Analogue which is pretty amazing and very nice :)
Yping - are you becoming a KLEI convert ?

Did you ever upgrade to the gZero6 IC - or higher?

Definitely a convert :)

I have not decided as yet although I have essentially decided to upgrade to the gZero20 ICs :)
The gZero2D is a sensational digital/spdif, isn't it... very analogue sounding :)
Yping - yes, the 20 is very good, but the 3D is even better :-)

Williewonka - the 3D's must be exceptionally good :)
Yping - they are exceptionally good on exceptional equipment.

E.g. between my V-link192 and my Bifrost they do provide an amazing 3D image - almost holographic in nature

Until I tried the 3D's I had no real appreciation just how good those two components really were - turns out they are pretty amazing.

But it really does depend on the components used.

Williewonka, the KLEI gZero2D Spdif IC is definitely the best Spdif that I have ever used/heard so the KLEI gZero3D Spdif IC must be quite spectacular... thanks for the info :)