Quick recommendation for SF Bay Area audio stores

Just found out I will be in the San Francisco Bay Area (Concord) in a couple of days for the long weekend, and I was hoping to hit some good audio stores. Does anyone have recommendations - anywhere in the East Bay works, too.

Just FYI, you are staying in the East Bay. The best choice is Music Lovers, located just east of Shattuck on Blake in Berkeley. The Soundwell, also in Berkeley, is on University Av but only open 12-3pm on Saturday. Your best bet for density is the city (San Francisco). Again, Music Lovers (SF), Audio Vision and House of Music are all located in the same general area.
Have a fun trip Scott-
check out Music Lovers & SF Audio Vision. Report back to us and tell which shops you visited/gear auditioned. Happy Listening!
Hope you have a better experience at music lovers (Berkeley) Than I did. I dealt with Harry a sales person. Wanted to demo $1200.00 phono stage. I was ready to buy. Instead I got a sales person to lazy to connect it. Even though I identified other gear and speakers that I have never heard. He never offered to let me listen to anything. He tried to use the it's the last one in stock and it could sell anytime routine. All he had to do was let me listen to it and get to hear a already setup system and I would mostl likley been a buyer. I was really frustrated with the experience. What ever you do act like your about to drop 25k so you can hear something.

On the bright side San Francisco is great.
Thanks! for sharing your story Darkstar1-

make certain that you write a letter (no email) to the company whom makes the $1200 phono stage and tell them your experience w/ music lovers. Do not forget to name, names of those who did not assist you w/ your demo.

It is important to list/post both positive/negative experiences when dealing w/ these dealers/retailers.
The Audio company entrust the dealer network to sell/service their wares to us consumers. I have done this very thing in the past, I tell you it works every time!
Keep me posted & Happy Listening All!
I will it was upsetting. I really wanted to hear it. I can honestly say he could have sold me that phono stage. I am still on the look out for a musical surroundings Nova Phenoma.

Harry the salesman did make the point that the phono would sound different in my system which is true. That being said they had a project Expression sitting on the shelf below. I would have liked to hear it with that table.

I just don't get hi fi stores that won't do a demo. I might as well price shop online or buy used.

I also would have loved to hear some of there setup systems. They had brands I have read about for years but never heard. Do you know how frustrating it is to see all this stuff and leave without hearing anything?

I am 34 and was real honest with Harry. I told him what I had and that I bought some of my stuff new and used. I think that when I admitted to buying used he was pissed off. Also my VPI scout seemed to be not high end enough for them. Even though they sell VPI and tt from other brands priced lower than the scout.

Then he started talking about customers dropping 10k and 25k. I knew right then I had been dismissed. All the while thinking why do you carry all of the lower priced stuff if it's not worth your effort. Really pissed me off.

Decided right then my precious time in San Francisco was best spent doing other things. Didn't have anymore time to waste at audio dealers.
Right On! Darkstar1-

your point is valid, you have a choice to buy used/demo or internet. Be certain to list as many details as possible when you write your letter to the Manufacturer(s)- believe me they want to know if the (potential) customer(s) are being treated well.

I have been placed into this same situation over the years.
While never being denied a demo/audition of any kind, usually, the salesman wanted me to book an appointment?
Your response to this question if/when it is asked, "are you an appointment only deler/retailer"?

Manufacturer(s) want this kind of information, especailly, if said operation is NOT an appointment-only salon...
Keep me posted on this important matter. I am here to help.