Quick Recommendation

I got a copy of the 2004 re-master of Paul Simon's 'There Goes Rhymin Simon' - a record that I've been listening to literally my entire life starting with Mom's vinyl copy. The remastered CD is FANTASTICLY GOOD - head and shoulders over the original redbook version. Excellent clarity, voices - particularly the bass backup singers - sound phenomenal. And of course, it's a terrific record. Not a bad song on it.
Where did you pick it up at?

There's also an extended or simply rereleased version of "Graceland" which is killer too.

Van Morrison too has re-re-released some of his former pop & alternative works over the past couple years or so.

Most of them are far better sounding. one contains re-arrangements and duets of his former more popular cuts with current artists.

All the above can be sampled at the iTunes store very easily.
There's a box set of 10 Paul Simon remastered records of which Rhymin' Simon is a part. They're all as good as described here.
I think my wife got it on Amazon.
Thanks for the Paul Simon recommendation. I ordered it today.