Quick question on BAT preamps

How many outputs do they have, I realize a left and a right output but does it have a pair of left and right? Which BAT pre's have single ended outputs? I am looking into VK5i,VK3i,VK30 or a VK50 if I can swing it. Any help would be great, thanks, Tim The Tire Guy.

I only ask because there website does not go into detail like this.
My VK3i has both balanced and single ended outputs.
Just the 3i and nothing else.
Tim, as far as I understand it, a true (not upgraded) VK3i such as mine and Dave's has both balanced and single ended inputs and outputs. I am not sure if both outputs are live simultaneously. Not sure about the 30 and 50. If you email BAT, you'll get an answer almost immediately from VK himself.
The VK50/50SE has 2 outputs both balanced. BAT sells great adapters to go to single ended. IMO, get the best BAT preamp you can afford, then use the adapters in u have to. No big deal there...
The VK-5i, VK-50, and VK-50SE only have balanced inputs and outputs. BAT makes an excellent adapter to allow the use of single ended cables. From what I remember, there are two pair of outputs on each model. Hope this helps.
In an interview with S'phile, Victor said the adapter's degrade the sound.
Ask Victor, he hangs out at Audio Asylum, and is very active in the forums over there.

later, Greg
Buy the Atma-Sphere MP-3 Mkll or the Pass X2...these are
much better than the BAT.