Quick question on 12v power supply

I have electrostatic speakers that use a wall wart power supply . The wires have come loose over time from coming in and out of my rig over the years . I am looking to buy new ones and have ordered a pair of 12v from Audio Advisor . They are the ifi model shown here

Looking at all the 12v available for sale ,I do not see what is written on the Kings supplies (12v 250ma) . Is this 250ma number of importance ?

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@eriksquires  Thanks for that info . Looks like the ifi is 1.8 for the 12v I am getting 
"Usually overrating the power supply is safe, so if you find anything in the 0.3 to 1 A it will be fine. "

"Looks like the ifi is 1.8 for the 12v I am getting"


Hmmm, 1.8 is much greater than 1 limit?? Just saying. 

As a a reference, I tried that ifi charger (came with ifi reclocker) on a small cordless screwdriver rated at 12v and 0.3amp and it got real warm real quick. Maybe OK but I didn't leave it connected for too long.