Quick Question

Please forgive me for asking but I'm new to all this.

I don't understand ohm ratings.

I have a pair of "4ohm" GMA Callistos and I'm looking into match them up to a amp. One of the amps I've been reading about is a Vacume Tube Logic IT-85. This amps load setting for speakers is 5ohms. But it also says the amp will produce 80 watts into 4ohms and 60 watts into 8ohms.

Basically all I need to know is if this amp will be a good match or not? If anyone has a simple explanation for comparing ohm rating please fill me in!

Quick answer...it will work fine.Be advised room size and volume will enter into how well it will work.Later posts will address this better than me,good luck,Bob
There is no simple explanation unless you have the impedance curves which you won't be able to get (at least for the amp). Your amp will be fine with those speakers so long as you don't crank the volume too awfully high. Let your ears be the judge - if the amp clips, get a more powerful one (or more efficient speakers). Arthur
The GMA Callistos sensitivity is rated 90-91.

Still OK?
I have owned the VTL IT 85, great amp and a solid value. should work fine