Quick Poll: Which of the following systems sounds best with Vandersteen 2C's?

Quick poll here. Which system do you think would sound better (mate better) with Vandersteen 2c’s? Which would you choose and why? Room size is approx 12x14, not including a 5x5 "dormer" but ceiling is still 8ft and not tapered. I have the Vandy’s positioned perfectly in the room per Vandersteen’s geometry guide on their website and they sound really good. Previous integrateds were Creek 5350SE and 4330SE. Here are the two systems:

System #1:
Naim Nait 5i (non italic) integrated
Naim CD3.5 cd player
NACA5 speaker cable
Chord Company Cobra 1 DIN to RCA interconnects -OR- Naim DIN to DIN interconnect (gray/lavender color)

System #2:
Sim Audio Moon i-1 integrated
Naim CD3.5 cd player
Mogami W3082 speaker cable -OR- DH Labs Q-10 speaker cable
Chord Company Cobra 1 DIN to RCA interconnects -OR- DH Labs custom DIN to RCA Air Matrix interconnects.

I don't have experience with either choices.  However, that being said, I have noticed:

Sim Audio I-I = really huge transformer, smaller power supply capacitance

Naim 5i = smaller transformer, larger amount of power supply capacitance

The huge transformer on the Sim Audio will compensate somewhat for the lesser capacitance.  However, your Vandersteen 2C speakers are really easy to drive, there's only one dip down to about 6.7 ohms in the bass region -- mostly it's actually 7-8 ohms or higher.  Both amps are 50 watts.  All this together, I would lean towards the Naim having more power supply capacitance.  In my experience, this always leads to better/smoother sound.  You don't need a huge amount of brute force power here.

I read somewhere that Naim speaker wire must be used with any Naim amps for compatability and matching capacitance.  Others might want to speak here, but this statement doesn't make sense to me.  The Naim NACA5 is just 11.5 awg stranded copper.  In your speaker wire choices, I would choose the DH Labs Q-10 speaker cable over everything else.

That speaker is really tube friendly and the best I've ever heard it has always been with tubes. FWIW.
oh jeez.  Nevermind on my comments about the DH Labs Q-10.  They are silver-coated copper wires.  Go with the NAIM NACA5.
Belles Aria integrated with AQ or Kimber.  I've the Belles with Kimber 8tc and Vandy 1Ci.....it's incredible!!!  The Belles is all you'd really ever need with the 2's.  I've been told it's an incredible match with the 8k Treo CT as well.  Best.....
Sorry for the commercial folks but I would be doing you'll
a disservice if i didn't tell you about the Belles Aria
       Read on pdf Brit review as well
The Aria is allowing life to simply get better with its musical engagement.
 Best JohnnyR
 Belles dealer
Can "audioconnection" provide technical specifications for the
Belles Aria or is that also "best kept secret"?
I guess you mean power for technical specifications, it's like 75w in 8 and not quite double into 4. I started out driving Vandersteen 2's with 200w in my young naive days now I use 50w. It's enough and it sounds better.
Its in the PDF review click away so you can extrapolate the specs
Hope you enjoy as much as I do.
 They may need a new spec to categorize this one's % draw in factor
 and another % on emotionally fulfilling !
Of course being a Meter reader myself I can understand your needs for a
full view on the above have fun reading even more listing.
 Cheers JohnnyR