Quick Monitor Question

For a medium sized room, powered by something along the lines of a creek 4330, onix A-60, or something of that ilk, would a Alon Lil Rascal MkIII for $400, or a pair of Quad 12Ls for $550 (both used) be a better buy? I'm trying to maximize a budget of $1000 for a pair of monitors, an integrated amp, and a tuner. The tuner I think I solved for $50, and I'd probably go with something like a Creek 4330, Rega Mira, or Onix A-60 for the amp. I have a pair of Epos M5s which I like very much, but the person for whom I'm putting together this system has a larger room, and probably needs somewhat better bass response for it to sound "good" to him.

I've heard the 12Ls and the Rega Mira but not together...both VERY nice options. If it were me , I'd go that direction. The casual listener (or neophyte) will be more impressed by the Quads than the Alons. My opinion is the Mira is a slight improvement over the 4330, but both will please.

I'm running a Creek 4330R with a pair of Soliloquy 5.0's in a medium-size room and find it a wonderful combination. The Soliloquys sound bigger than their physical size and are a very easy speaker to listen to.
You can try the Usher's....I have the S520 running with the NAD L73 all in one at 60 watts...Bass is great for a small pair of speakers. If you have a chance to listen to them and find that the sound is not big enough, then go for the X series from Usher....My room size is 15' x 14'..
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