Quick Klispch question

What are the differences between The Heresy ll and the lll?


Any of the 1/2 dozen professional reviews of the Heresy 3s goes into the changes made from the series 2 to the series 3. The Klipsch site says it all as well. If you have questions after all that you read, I will be happy to help. Enjoy ! MrD.
Not sure of all differences but will give it a shot.

Heresy IIIs
exponential midhorn/titanium compression driver
tractrix high frequency horn/titanium compression driver

Heresy IIs
exponential midhorn/phenolic compression driver
exponential high frequency horn/phenolic driver 

As mentioned, shoot over to the Klipsch Forum and ask your question.

Thank you Willand,

 I searched the forums earlier but holy cow is there a lot there!  I was was there and a few others that were Hersey specific.  And found very little usable info.  Maybe tonight I’ll spend some more time there.

Thanks again


If I sounded rude, I am sorry. It is relatively easy with the internet. The reviews I mentioned to read, and the data sheets on the Klipsch site ( not the forums ) under the product descriptions. It is all there. More changes than those specified by willand. Google Klipsch Heresy III review.
Mr. D,

All’s good.  I had already done some research but was looking more for incite and thoughts.  Everyone and I mean everyone says  the threes were better. And now the rest of the story.  I have a lead on some two’s and was wondering if it it was worth the cost to update.  So far it looks like even if I got them for free, it wouldn’t be worth it.  I could find some used threes for less than upgrading.  

I’m not done yet. And any and all thoughts will be appreciated.

I have enjoyed Heresy 1s(recapped crossovers/CT-125 tweeters) for close to 10 years and Heresy 2s(bone stock) for about 8 years.  Both sound wonderful with their setups.  I am continually looking for a good deal on Heresy 3s not because they are "better", which I have no doubt they are, but because I just want a pair. 

From all I have heard and read, the Heresy 3s are definitely more refined and a more complete version with better parts and of course more changes than I mentioned in my above post.  I know many folks that have owned all three versions and it is pretty unanimous that the 3s are at the top of the heap.

When you mention Heresy 2s and updating, do you mean refreshing/recapping crossovers and replacing tweeter diaphragm with titanium ones or getting a Heresy 2 to Heresy 3 upgrade kit?

Hi Bill,

Upgrade kit you say? I just spent the better part of an hour again today on the Klispch website and never found an upgrade kit. Please tell me more, or point me in the correct direction.

Thanks in advance.

I'm not aware of any "upgrade kits" available direct from Klipsch, but there are a number of places where you can purchase upgrade and/or replacement parts for Heresy (and other Klipsch speakers).  Bob Crites sells crossover kits, fully assembled crossovers, drivers, etc.  ALK Engineering sells crossover upgrades as does Dean G.  I'm sure there are a couple of others I'm forgetting.

I have replaced the crossovers and all the drivers (woofer, mids, and tweeters) in my Heresy I speakers and have also replaced the crossovers, mids and tweets in my KLF-30s with Crites parts.  Not very expensive, not hard to do, and it improved the sound of both sets of speakers.

that’s what I was finding, and I think it will be less expensive to just find a set of used 3’s.


You don't necessarily have to replace everything that I did, the crossovers and tweeters are probably all you need to do.  I thought I replaced the mids, but going back through my emails I realized all I did there was replaced the gaskets for them while I was in there (about $2). 

I had bought some replacement woofers from Crites for my KLF-30s and was able to find the OEM ones and moved the replacements to the Heresy.  There wasn't anything wrong with the stock woofers other than that they were probably over 40 years old. 

The crossovers and tweeters are about $400 and you can find used Heresy I for around $400-$600 on average. 

Your idea to get a used pair of III's is probably best as you'll get the latest and greatest, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of finding a nice pair of older Heresy and upgrading them.
Keep in mind, a big upgrade ( with even the 3s ) is to dampen the squawkers ( the mid horns ), with a Dynamat type material, which if anyone has not done, is really missing out. On the older metal horns ( eliminates the ringing ) and the newer plastic horns ( it eliminates the resonances ). Enjoy ! MrD.
New Heresy IIIs are an absolute bargain for a USA product built to amazing standards...look inside a pair of these (take a screwdriver to audition these as, obviously, dealers never hesitate to let you take things apart, right?) and everything is well sorted with serious attention to detail, premium (seemingly) wiring, and well thought out bits...take the mid horn out and check out the design...well done Arkansans! Arksters? Arkazoids? Built like the proverbial tank (the best type of tank)...anything else like these things out there? No. And although the older versions may also have been worth it, this version is a world class sounding thing that can hold its own among more pricey stuff.
Wolf, all of the 5 original Klipsch Heritage series models, from the beginning, till now, have been bargains ( the Belles have been discontinued, for reasons that can be researched ). You should be at least biwiring ( or passively biamping with another duplicate Dennis Had amp ) your Heresy 3s. Another move up in SQ. I prefer to vertically biamp, when two of the same amplifiers are used, based on listening. Enjoy ! MrD.
I did bi-wire but I went back to single wiring as it sounds a little better to my ears, and my Firebottle HO (It's a HO) has plenty of mojo for these speakers so I won't be adding another one any time soon...I like the "amazing sound with 4 tubes" thing...I may buy a Pass XA25 at some point though, mostly just from curiosity, but in no hurry.