Quick hdmi question.

Have brought an audioquest carbon hdmi cable to run from my ps audio dac mk2 to ps audio transport.
What I want to know is this cable has directianal arrows and was wondering which way this cable should be hooked up from one component to the other?
Hope someone can help?
Engineering arrows always point downstream, so transport -> DAC.
Why would you use an hdmi cable on those components? As far as I know, there's no video. Maybe there's something better about the SQ with an hdmi cable? Just curious.
Thanks Effischer.
Zd542 ps audio uses a connection called I2s which they recommend from dac to transport.
They use an hdmi cable for i2s? i2s has been around a lot longer than hdmi. If I remember correctly, any components I had that supported i2s used some type of din connector. But it was a long time ago, so I could be wrong.
Not sure zd542 just going off what they told me to use for best Audio performance.
Out of curiosity, I did a search for your dac and some of the components I used to have. The i2s connectors are different. Yours has the hdmi and the older components used a small din. i2s standard must allow for different types of connectors. It actually makes sense, if you think about it. There's no shortage of expensive hdmi cable you can now obsess over and spend lots of money on. lol.