Questions that Never Die

I'm trying to come up with a list of Questions that Never Die. Here's my list:

Is vinyl or digital better?
Should I get tubes or solid state?
Integrated or separates?
Are floor standers always better than bookshelves?
How much is too much to spend for speakers?
Are all cables the same?
Why won't kids listen to lossless formats?
Is X snake oil?

Got any to add?
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To fuse or not to fuse?
Adding a subwoofer
Reissue vs original LP's

How many watts are enough?
Copper vs. silver?
Spikes, footers, or nothing at all?
Best filler for stands for standmounts?
Best awg gauge for speaker cables?
Power conditioning or straight into the wall?
And on and on...
With the pandemic, do people have a lot of time on their hands?

No "Yoko Ono"
The Beatles CAN'T get back together.
Paul is not Dead.
There is more than one "Abbey Road"
The 5th Beatle, I still don't know his name.
The 5th Beatle made a boo boo.


How is Keith Richards, still alive?
Boy George?
Why did Iggy POP take a roll in Deep Space Nine (star trek) as a bad guy, he is a good guy. :-)
What happen to 4 track tapes? What happened to the guy that made 4 track tapes?
Why did they EVER paint anything the color "champagne"
Who was the wise guy that decided to remove "Tone Controls"
Why do they make remotes you can't read, day or night?
Why do remotes have 30 extra buttons, and you know there is no way to assign them all, even, if you really, really try..NO WAY..
Why do remotes only have an off/on?
Why is my stereo gear aging WAY slower than me, (not a wrinkle in them)
Why do they call "Valves", "Tubes"? They really don't look like a tube, they ACT like a valve, and look like a Bulb.
Which should be longer, the Speaker IC or the source IC or wireless?
Why is some stuff so expensive?
Why is some stuff so cheap?
Why would you become a "Head Banger"? It hurts! Lousy pay...

Why do some stereos sound better than others?

The only question, statement or reason that counts....... :-)

"DAC direct to Amp or Preamp still required?"

Then, it triggers:

"Solid State -or- Tube Preamp"?

Both seem to be coming up again lately.
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Mary Ann or Ginger is not a real question. The answer is clear.
Now this is one awesome post!   :-)   Thanks for the chuckles!
@spatialking  Group effort.

Kudos to @oldhvymec for the MOST rhetorical answer, EVER:

Why did they EVER paint anything the color "champagne"

Almost a proof against Divine Design. Almost.

Everyone knows Harry Nilsson was the 5th Beatle.
At least we can put that one to bed. And move on to the mother of all questions that will never die, the Zombie that escaped from George Romero's vault because he forgot the head coffin: 


Is this a timely thread or a timeless thread?
I was feeling a little mannic... I did that while holding my breath too.. 

The thing I do to amuse myself.  Go ahead pull my finger.

I'll do it myself... :-)

I believe this to be a timely timeless thread. Well, not likely totally timeless.

Enjoyable for the time being.
I want to get into streaming but I am too lazy to read the 1500 threads on the exact same issue posted in the last 3 years please help me!
why are audiophiles obsessed with a micro scratch on the bottom of a chassis?
Enjoyable for the time being.

@mesch : That's what I want on my tombstone.
“What is life”?
Why are most answers to every thread on Audiogon off-topic?
Should i upgrade at least once every 6 months? (YES).
Who is ' the walrus'?
Life is a magazine, and the Meaning of Life was a Monty Python movie. 
twoleftears3,361 posts11-14-2020 10:05amWhy are most answers to every thread on Audiogon off-topic?


If you'd answer the question they wouldn't be... little oil, squeak, squeak.


Who is ' the walrus'? cu cu ka cuch, cu cu ka cuch... I am he, and he is 

@hide45 How about 'Enjoyed the time being'.