Questions : Selling here for the first time

   I am selling here for the first time and have a few questions for the experienced sellers. I am just looking for any advices. Is it hard to ship internationally to Canada or een to the world? Should I start by selling just within US?
What's the best method of shipping cost wise and insurance and security wise? Any insights will be greatly appreciated...

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I’ve shipped back and forth across the Canada-USA border many times and its not as daunting as some would say. it really boils down to how you ship it. generally if the buyer is paying for the shipping cost (as they should) they should ship across the boarder using the easiest means that includes brokerage. If you ship across using one of the priority shipping upgrades its not that much more expensive ( ei; 3-5 business days service) the shipper will get priority sorting at the boarder and brokerage is usually included. This is the only way to ship internationally IMO. Also I’ve had much better luck shipping via USA-Canada Postal service, priority service then the Fex ex’s ect. One more thing for larger items going long distances you can take them directly to the Airport shipping terminal at your local airport and save some shipping cost and they get loaded directly on to the plane from there. If you go to the airport you can ship via Postal service, fed ex ect. most have offices you can ship from their.

one last thing ALWAYS  insure for the selling value do not play the lower price cheating the duty game. that way both buyer and seller are fully protected. chances are there will be no or minimum duties anyway on used equipment.

Thank you so much for everyone's insightful posts! 
Surely they have saved me a lot of headach...

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