Questions regarding Sunfire Cinema Grand setup

I just purchased this amp, and I noticed I have the choice of hooking up the L and R mains as Current or Voltage. It is my understanding that the Current setting, will provide a more "tube-like" sound, which intrigues me. My concern is that I don't have this option for the center channel.

Does anyone know if I use the Current settings for my mains, would it sound strange for home theater, since my center speaker would be setup as Voltage.

I am assuming that it was designed this way because in a movie setup, you won't notice the difference, whereas in two channel, you can go with whatever setting you like better.

Does anyone have any real world experience with setting this amp up either way?

I have had this amp for almost 2 yrs. I had it set-up both ways, and did not notice a difference in home theater applications. I use the current setting as I like it better for music.

Great amp, I really like mine.
Thanks Dpl35.

I haven't even hooked it up yet, and I feel like I bought the wrong one. I see that more recent models have all three front speaker hookup options for current or voltage. Oh well, I will give it a shot. Hopefully I will like the voltage better anyway, and if not, I won't notice the difference (as you don't) for theater applications using the current hookup for the left and right speakers.
Alot of us have 2 channel tube pre's hooked up to our dual use HT systems and for movies you wont notice it.

You are mistaken, all the current Sunfire amps have the current and voltage source outputs only for the front left and right speakers.
I used a Sunfire signature amp in my home theater setup...I tried both ways and I could never tell the difference in the home theater application.
I owned the Sunfire Cinema Series II and ran it both ways.. for movies you can't tell the difference even with a $7k processor. So pick which one sounds best for 2 channel and don't worry about it.. the sunfire amps don't offend but they are not the last statement in resolution or detail. They are perfect amps to put into an enclosed space since they don't generate any heat and auto turn/off with signal sensing..
If you can figure out a way to bi-wire your speakers, that is the best solution, IMHO.
My speakers were bi-wireable and I ran the Current to the mids and up, with the Voltage to the bass. Sounded great. I agree with the previous posters - you really shouldn't hear a difference with the center channel on a different mode than the mains - my results were that Current was more involving for the mains.
Thanks for all of the advice. Fplanner, my mains can be bi-wired. My binding posts on the Monitor Audio GR10 don't indicate which set is for bass and which set is for mids and up. Is there a right way and a wrong way to bi-wire?

Usually the lower binding posts are for bass, but I would call the Monitor Audio to be sure. There is a slight chance both sets may be coupled internally, in which case they will be able to tell you how to decouple them, etc. It makes sense to get accurate info before you experiment and possible short something. Additionally, Sunfire should be able to help you with the bi-wire process with your particular amp. I would talk to them after Monitor and they should be very willing to help. If Ken is still in Sunfire tech support, he's very good.

It makes more sense to call the companies directly regarding your specific equiptment to make sure everything is done properly. I know what I did, but my gear is slightly different than yours and I'd hate to misinform you. Let me know how you make out.
Current & voltage are essentially the difference between simulated pentode tubes (current) and solid state (voltage) amplifiers. This will make a difference in the warmth of sound in 2 channel mode and may be more audible when you:
1) are using a really good source (1/2 speed lp, 24 bit cd, original master recording)
2) are cranking the volume
3) are playing acoustic or unplugged recordings
4)have great speakers (accuracy not just sounds good - listen to each note and chord on each instrument for accuracy, not fullness. minor chords should sound a little schrill and cutting. Bass will sound more like a bass than powerful thumps

Although tubes distort at a higher level, they do it in a different and much nicer way than solid state. many musician s use tube amplifiers to increase the warmth of thier instruments. So if you want to hear it the way they recorded it, then this is likely a better setting especially for jazz of classical. remember, theater/movies are not a sonically great environment as the emphasis is on the midrange with instantaneous big bangs and booms; whereas, most music does not go from 70 db or less to 100db plus in an instant 1812 Overture and similar aside.

The fact is the circuit board for obtaining the best theater sound vs. the best musical audio sound would be and are designed differently. Thus, the purest will either have two systems or buy the one that provides the best in one area and deal with the other being substd. in comparison.

One of the few processors which comes close to doing both equally well (I said close, nothing more) in this price range is the little Lexicon MC-4. I love the Sunfire TGP and even the TGR, but Sunfire does not provide an upgradeable platform which means every few years when the latest in Dolby and THX arrives a replacement is required. The Lexicon is upgradeable and whether one has the MC4, MC8 or MC12 (a reliable Ferrari), they can simply download the latest and move forward with the latest. FYI I have a couple of Carver M500t amps as well as the matching professional processors and have a tired of the expensive have a Lexicon...should have listened to my advisors years ago. If you take the Sunfire Amp apart you will see how it is built. If you bench it and try to push it full throttle with big surges, you may find it cannot hold it output. Take a look at it and note that the components are smaller, lighter than most high end. Most often people do not need all the power for long intervals; thus, Bob found a means for getting it just long enough to keep most happy, to pass the power ratings tests and to market the item. Not knocking hte design, just saying there is a reason it is lighter and there is no free lunch.