Questions re Adcom GFP-750 in a combo system

I need some help here. I'd like to know how Adcom has set up their "processor loop". My main question is this:

If the processor loop is engaged with a surround processor installed, does the Adcom volume control still function normally ? In other words, while you can adjust the output for the mains via the controls of the surround processor, does the Adcom volume pot still control the master output for the mains ? I'm guessing it does but just wanted to make sure.

If it does work as i suspect, do you find it a hassle having to regulate two different volume controls ( the processor's and the Adcom's ) for the mains when watching movies ? Sean
Hi Sean. I had a GFP-750 a while back that I used for a combo music/HT system. For the price, I thought it was a very good preamp for an AV setup and, in passive mode, was even surprisingly good for 2-channel music. As I recall, the SSP loop in the 750 is a true bypass circuit in that it completely bypasses the Adcom volume/gain control. Thus, the surround processor controls the volume for the main speakers as well as the center and surrounds. I never had to adjust both volume controls. Don
That's correct. In "processor" mode, none of the controls on the preamp are active. I initially found this out the hard way!!! (wow, was that loud!!!)
Thank You VERY much for the quick and thorough responses. That took care of all of my questions : ) Sean