Anybody out there familiar with Kenwood 600T Tuner? Also a HarmonKardon TT ST-7? Also acartridge recommendation for the TT. I'm interested in"live sound" if posssible. Budget conscious,Please.
"LIVE SOUND" on a budget? Good luck with that. There's so much used highend gear out there for the taking on this site and many others, THAT YOU'RE WASTING THE BEST OPPORTUNITY IN THE HISTORY OF AUDIO...if you don't get started by buying great used gear at a great price. THAT'S WHY MOST OF US COME TO THIS SITE...
...Besides, to shoot our mouths off in these forums, which is fun as hell! Good luck to you, fotoklik.
For the tuner, try a Magnun Dynalab. For turntables, try a Rega Palnar 3. carlos
I posed the question inccorectly; What i need to know is: Is anyone out there familiar these two items or are they just "garbage"? Harmon/Kardon TS-7 TT, Kenwood 600t Tuner. Would appreciate a reply. Thanks