Questions on treating my system nicely

Don't know how to research if this info has already been covered, so thanks for any help.

I just have a mid-level system that I'm happy with for where I am in life right now, but I like to treat everything like it cost a thousand times more.

Question 1.)
On my NAD C 320BEE integrated amp, it has a "plunger-type" button for on/off. When left pushed in for the "on" position, I can then use the remote control to turn the amp on and off. I'm wondering if it's better on the amp to plunger the button off when not in use or is the circuitry/etc in the same off state either way. The only difference I can see is a standby light that comes on when using the remote, but no noise or any other indication that anything is on. Is doing one or the other better/less wear on the system?

Question 2.)
On the same amp, the volume knob is "motorized" (physically turns when I use the remote control). Is it stressed at all to turn the knob by hand? Better to use remote control? I also have an older AMC integrated amp that I do not have a remote for. On that one, even the source selector knob is motorized and gives a very audible noise when I turn it by hand. It just feels like it would prefer to be controlled through a remote.

These may be silly questions of no real consequence, but I imagine the level of audio geekery around here can understand my need to ask. Thank so much!
1. Keep button on and do turn on/off only when you are reconnecting it.
2. Adjust volume by hand and remote at your personal convenience.
Thank you! I figured if there were any differences in how the amp was affected it would be extremely minor, but over the course of a lifetime of use that could be an aggregate impact that might amount to something. Thanks for the reply!
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Nice! Gonna skip out on Outback though. This amp only dreams of electric sheep (and cows).

I like the thought on using hand-adjusted volume to save the motor though it was contrary to my earlier assumption. It seems that either way is fine, as people have answered, but since both are equally convenient for me I figured I'd start a lifelong habit if any one was better than the other. Thanks all.