Questions on PAD Venustas phono cables

So I picked up a used PAD phono cable. Couple questions I can't seem to find clear answers on - specifically for these cables that is:

1. There is no directional arrow on the cables but there is a ground, but only on one end.  So do I hook the ground to source or phono preamp?

2. Do used cables need to be broken in?
The ground attaches to the preamp, either to a grounding post or a screw on the chassis. What TT do you have ?

If the used cables already have burnin hours, they need to settle into your system. Because they were coiled and shipped to you, they just need a signal to pass thru them for a couple days. That's' my experience.
Yes 50 hours to settle into your system call Purist if you have any questions they are a wonderful co.